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Miranda's secrets to getting a supermodel bodyIf you want skin that glows and a rock hard body, take a leaf out of Miranda Kerr's book and start downing green smoothies and protein shakes.

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ThinkstockOverweight kids think they're slimMost children and teens who are overweight actually think they're a healthy size, according to US... Getty ImagesEating when stressed makes you gain more weight: studyA new study from Ohio State University suggests that eating a high fat meal when your body is in a... ThinkstockSiblings influence children's weight more than parents: studyChildren who have overweight brothers or sisters are at greater risk of childhood obesity than... ThinkstockHigh cholesterol linked to breast cancer: studyWomen with high cholesterol could be at greater risk of breast cancer, according to UK researchers... ThinkstockTeenage boys more affected by caffeine than girls: studyBoys who have been through puberty have a stronger response to caffeine than post-pubertal girls,... ThinkstockImmune system could be used for fighting fat: studyScientists believe they have found a way to combat widespread obesity by using an individual's... ThinkstockLess than two percent of Aussie women eat enough vegiesDo you eat five serves of vegetables a day? Probably not, according to a new University of... ThinkstockCalorie-restricted diets could help fight breast cancerBreast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy could one day be advised to limit their calorie... Image: GettyFive ways you're sabotaging your own body confidenceChances are you've been guilty of one (if not all) of these common thoughts. But rather than dwell... www.thebananagirl.comDiet guru: Eat 50 bananas a day for a washboard stomachSelf proclaimed diet guru Freelee the Banana Girl has amassed a huge online following of people... ThinkstockIs your job making you fat?You would expect people who work in healthcare to look after themselves, but a new study suggests... ThinkstockHigh salt diet speeds up ageing for fat people: scientistsIt's no secret that too much salt can damage hearts, but now scientists believe it could also lead... ThinkstockThe hidden fat in cinema popcornDoused in butter and salt, a maxi size container of popcorn at the cinema has twice the fat of a... ThinkstockVitamins could help with ADHD: studyVitamin supplements could help minimise symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder... ThinkstockPill that releases balloon in stomach latest weight loss treatmentForget restrictive diets or surgery – a new weight loss treatment uses a pill the size of a vitamin... RedditMan shocks family with 60kg weight lossA US man who shed 60kg gave his family one huge surprise when he arrived home for the holidays... ThinkstockDaily wine boosts immunity: studyThere's no need to feel guilty about having a Christmas drink this year –– US scientists believe a... ThinkstockObese people have lazy genesThere is little doubt among obesity researchers that genes are responsible for up to 90 percent of... Sleeping woman (Getty Images)Wake up at the same time to lose fat: studyStudies have long suggested that people who sleep more also weigh less. But new research indicates... Faye Campbell (YouTube)Woman with vegetable phobia has eaten nothing but junk food for 16 yearsThe next time you're feeling guilty for eating nothing but junk food all weekend, think of Faye...
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