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Weirdest celebrity dietsThey are under enourmous pressure to stay thin, lose baby weight and wear catsuits, so naturally our most stunning celebs are susceptible to dieting fads.
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Five celebrity diets to avoid this yearThe long-anticipated list of the five worst celebrity diets that we should avoid in the New Year... Bingle says the program gives her a 'glow'The weight-loss program of the starsWant a slimmer, bikini-ready body before summer rolls around? Try the Eat Fit Food weight-loss... Why can some women eat whatever they want?Prepare yourself to dislike AnnaLynne McCord. In case you don't know, McCord is the 23-year-old... Celebrity diets: The good and the badCelebrities seem to always have the most amazing figures. But at what lengths do they go to in... Celebrities and seaweed...Colonic irrigationist to the stars (yep, there is one!), Kelly Callas, known to "service"... What's Mischa's snacking weakness?Celebrity snackingYour health should always be near the top of your 'to do list' but so many of us neglect to find... Celebrity health tipsYour health should always be near the top of your 'to do list' but so many of us neglect to find... Ten ways to avoid Oprah's diet downfallsOprah’s ongoing weight battle has important lessons for all of us. Kate Fitzpatrick reveals what... Celebrity energy tipsAlways wondered how the hot and famous stay vital and on top of things? Benefits of eating organicHollywood's A-listers are doing their bit for the environment and keeping their insides healthy at... Are celebs just too skinny?The highly competitive Hollywood scene has seen celebrities and models shrink drastically in size... Organic mushroom energy drinkWho: Kirsten Dunst, Halle Berry and Meg Ryan Raw foodWho: Woody Harrelson, Sting, Donna Karan and Robin Williams
What: If you want to jump on board the...
Apple slices and peanut butterWho: Demi Moore
What: Mum-of-three Demi Moore (pictured) keeps her svelte figure in shape and her...
Celeb health check: Gwen's pregnancy painAfter giving birth, many women suffer from extreme body-confidence issues and it seems even... Celeb health check: Keira's war with wordsGirls all over the world turn green with envy at movie princess Keira Knightley's grace, beauty and... Fancy footwork—FitFlop fitness crazeAustralia is the land of the flip-flop. They are a wardrobe essential and if you don't own a pair,... B12 vitamin injectionsWho: Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Charlize Theron and Britney Spears Celebrities with mental health disordersEven with fame, glamour and copious amounts of money, celebrities are not immune to mental health... Celeb health check: Cam's kooky obsessionHave you ever felt a strong urge to wash your hands twice over or avoid stepping on drains while...
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