Why the Australian Outback Marathon should be on your bucket listThe first run of its kind here, the Australian Outback Marathon is in its fourth year and brings in just under 300 runners for the 42.2km, 21.1km, 11km and 6km events in some of the most breathtaking surroundings imaginable.
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Staying motivated during winterStaying motivated during winter can be hard. Cold, wet and windy weather makes it seem almost... Lose weight like a manWhat is it about men? One minute they're eyeing their tubby waistline in the mirror, the next... Yes, you can be a runner!Running. You can do it anywhere, any time and it's free. It also eases stress, boosts your mood and... Does exercise really influence weight loss?Nothing beats a good work-out when it comes to fighting the flab, right? But what if we told you... Are you jogging the wrong way?Jogging can boost your fitness, improve your mood and help keep those kilos at bay, but it could be... The benefits of hula hoopingTrainer Amelia Burton joined Kerri-Anne live in the studio to show and discuss the benefits of Hula... Exercises to burn fatExercise physiologist Michelle Drielsma shares the best exercises for reducing your backside, pins... Tough love: Exercise fact and fictionWe all make excuses from time to time to justify our actions, or lack of them, and particularly... Sneaky workout tipsSure, you'd like to lose a few kilos and tone up those wobbly bits, but between work, family,... Can you get fit just from walking?Personal trainer Kristoph Thompson explains your walking workout. Road test: Virgin Active gymHolly Enriquez, 29 tested out the new Virgin Active gym and will never look back. Home gym workoutPersonal Trainer Amelia Burton joined Kerri-Anne with some great advice on a gym workout at home. Summer workoutsFitness expert Libby Babet offers some simple bodyweight workouts, plus a couple of ideas to keep... Power bands: just a scam?Power bands are the latest craze to sweep the sporting world, but the Australian Competition and... Yes you can lose weight over the holidays!Geoff Jowett, former Australian Personal Trainer of the Year and creator of Bodytrim Plus offers... Is Bikram yoga really good for you?While many enthusiasts preach of the benefits of Bikram yoga, some critics deem the practice at... Cardio v weights: Which is better for weight loss?If you want to lose weight, should you hit the treadmill or the weights room? Two health experts... Top toning exercises without equipmentDon't be fooled into thinking you need a fancy gym membership or expensive equipment to improve... Exercise in a pill?A new exercise pill claims to jump-start your metabolism, equivelant to a sweaty session in the... How Jake Gyllenhaal keeps fitOn the promo tour for his upcoming film Love and Other Drugs, Jake Gyllenhaal chats to David...
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