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Which cooking oils are healthiest?Oils ain't oils. Don't know your flaxseed from your rice bran? Read on. We pressed the experts for the insider info on cooking oils.
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Village RoadshowIt's not just magic: How Harry Potter is good for our healthMuggles still clinging to hopes of receiving a letter from Hogwarts will be pleased to know that... Getty ImagesTruth bomb: Punishing kids for lying won't make them truth-tellersIf you want your kids to tell the truth, new research suggests you shouldn't threaten to punish... Getty ImagesGas stovetops could be increasing your child's risk of asthma: studyResearchers are recommending parents cooking with a gas stove should ensure proper ventilation is... Getty ImagesParacetamol overdose leading cause of liver failure in Aussie and NZ kidsParents have been warned to follow paracetamol instructions carefully for their children and ensure... Getty ImagesBickering parents disrupt kids' ability to control emotionsMost busy parents are prone to the odd tiff but exposing preschoolers to verbal and physical... Getty ImagesMorning exercise helps schoolkids with ADHD: studyKids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) perform better at school if they've done... Getty ImagesPut babies to sleep on animal fur to reduce their asthma risk: studyPutting animal fur in a baby's cot could reduce their risk of asthma by up to 80 percent, according... Getty ImagesTune in: Kids concentrate better after watching fast-paced TVA UK study has found that the pace of the show — whether fast or slow — does not affect... Getty ImagesBabbling with your baby speeds up language developmentYou might feel funny talking back to a baby's incoherent babbling, but new research shows that... ThinkstockAdd it to the to-do list: how parents juggle work hours affects kids’ weightParents who aren’t home for breakfast or after school could be more likely to have overweight... Getty ImagesKids who read Harry Potter 'less prejudiced towards minorities'As everyone's favourite fictional wizard celebrates his 34th birthday today, researchers have found... Getty ImagesToo much TV time distracts children from learning and playLeaving the TV running can distract kids from play and learning while viewing non-educational... Getty ImagesGenetic trigger for schizophrenia and alcoholism discoveredPeople who have a rare variant of the GRM3 gene are two to three times more likely to develop... Getty ImagesNature helps schoolkids concentrateSchoolyards that feature natural habitats and trees help children concentrate and feel less... ThinkstockAussie toddlers eating too much salt: studyMore than half of Australian toddlers are eating too much salt, which puts them at risk of stroke... ThinkstockSleep-deprived parents more likely to have fat kidsSleep scientists are increasingly understanding the importance of getting enough shut-eye for... ThinkstockBrush your teeth – or risk a heart attackThe build-up of bacteria that comes from not brushing your teeth doesn't just cause bad breath and... ThinkstockCutting sleep leads to serious health problemsWe all know that smoking and being overweight are sure steps towards sickness and early death, but... ThinkstockMost asthma deaths could be prevented: reportTwo thirds of asthma deaths could be prevented with the right medical care, according to a report... Megan Davies Mennes's son Quinn (Instagram/@maemennes)Down syndrome boy's mum fires back at troll"Ugly." That's how one commenter cruelly responded when US mother Megan Davies Mennes posted this...
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