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Are detoxes dangerous?There's no shortage of detox kits available to help you cleanse your body and shed kilos, but nutrition experts warn they could be doing you more harm than good, writes Rachel Smith.
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Getty ImagesThree meditation sessions is enough to ease stress: studyMindfulness meditation has been recognised by neuroscientists as a powerful tool for changing our... ThinkstockChinese herb could help fight pancreatic cancer: studyAn obscure Chinese herb with a powerfully bizarre name has been identified as a potential cure for... Image: GettyHarness the power of nature for lush, pleasurable hairDoes your hair feel limp and lifeless? Is it over-washed or weighed down by oil and residue? Free... GettyWhy your sleep is broken - and how to fix itMost of us don't get enough sleep – that much we know. But how do you keep up with 21st-century... Image: GettyFive steps to a more natural lifestyleOpen up any magazine and you'll find yourself bombarded with celebrity lifestyle products, fussy... ThinkstockYoga helps prevent bladder leakage: studyYoga benefits more than just mental health and muscle tone – a new study suggests it's a powerful... ThinkstockBe kind to yourself to live longer: studyDo you beat yourself up for your mistakes or accept they've happened and move on? Kinesiology - the factsKinesiology is a therapy where a practitioner will assess a patient's health by testing their... Image: ThinkstockWhy coffee reduces type 2 diabetes riskScientists have known for some time that heavy coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing type... GettyStudy picks music to soothe nervous flyersTravel anxiety is said to affect about 25 percent of adults, but a new study has found certain... 10 things you didn't know about rosehipIt’s not just a pretty face. Rosehip is a tiny red fruit that grows on rose plants. We already know... Whole grains: why they're good for youWhole grains are necessary for proper digestion, calming the nervous system, encouraging sleep and... Secrets behind the world's healthiest dietsAccording to a 2012 Monash University Study, Australia ranks as one of the fattest countries in the... The Coolsculpting machineNew treatment "freezes off" the fatIndulged a little too much over Christmas? A new procedure in Australia is claiming to kill the fat... ThinkstockWhat you can do about a weak bladderMany women over the age of 30 have had a moment or two when their bladder has had a mind of its own. The Science of Stillness: beat stress with meditationTom Cronin is the co-founder of Science of Stillness, an online meditation program designed to help... Common herb treatment for acne may be more effective than prescription gelsAcne sufferers rejoice! Relief may now be found in the form of a common herb, which is even more... Acupuncture: how you can benefitGetting stuck with needles might not be your idea of a fun pastime, but this painless natural... Healing touch: why you need a massageWhether you're on your feet all day or shackled to a desk, there's no better way to unwind than a... How to beat back-to-work stressThe New Year is underway — don't fall into old habits and let stress get on top of you at...
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