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Orgasm better for the brain than Sudoku: studyIf you want to give your brain a workout, sex is a lot more beneficial than puzzles, according to US researchers.
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Courtesy: TLCProstate cancer could be caused by an STI: researchersProstate cancer may be caused by a subtle infection passed on during intercourse, according to... Facts about sexual problemsA man's capacity to get and maintain an erection decreases gradually as he ages, while most women... Women don't need 'female Viagra', just a chat: studyWomen with flagging libidos don't need to pop a pill, a new US study suggests they just need to... Celebrity Women have the best sex at 40They may not be as perky as their younger counterparts but women approaching 40 are having the best... First female Viagra a 'flop'The new drug hailed as the first "female Viagra", promised to boost the sex drive of unsatisfied... Contraceptive pill kills your sex driveWomen on the contraceptive pill are at a higher risk of losing their libido, new German research... Coming soon: the female ViagraThe company behind Viagra claim to have created a drug which can increase female sexual arousal. Is oral sex 'safe'?Oral sex may have more consequences than we had previously imagined if recent reports of... Aphrodisiac shopping listIf you want to turn up the heat in the bedroom forget about making a mad dash to the pharmacy for a... Internet blamed for rise in sex diseasesWith so many diets to choose from, knowing which one to go for is more challenging than... Improving your sex driveAccording to a new study, nearly half of all women under 60 have some sort of sexual dysfunction.... Turning our back on sexIf you are suffering from neck or back pain you are far from being alone. According to research by... Good sex lasts minutesContrary to popular fantasy, good sex doesn't need to last for hours — in fact, it only needs... Sexual healthSex is a normal part of life but sometimes things don’t work as well as you might think they... Orgasm issuesIt's very common for women to take a while to learn about what they enjoy sexually and work out the... The sexual bodyThink you know all there is to know about sex? It's never too late to learn. Let's start with... What sexually transmissible infections (STIs) are of concern in Australia?Eight STIs are recognised as being of clinical and public health importance: Edible eroticsWatching television chef Nigella Lawson lick sauce off her fingers is confirmation that putting... Programmed to cheatAccording to biologists, having multiple sexual partners is normal — in fact, nature prefers... How to prevent sexually transmissible infections (STIs)Sexually transmissible diseases or sexually transmissible infections are any diseases that are...
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