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I'm being neglected by my partnerMy partner works a very demanding job and sex is off limits for me Monday through to Friday because he says he is too tired...
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My husband's sex drive dropped after the birthAfter giving birth to our third baby three months ago, I have noticed my husband's sex drive has... My husband had an affair after 20 years of marriageMy husband of 20 years left me and our family six weeks ago. We'd been talking about getting back... I feel betrayed by my boyfriend's pictures of other women.Whenever I find that my boyfriend has saved a picture of another woman (often times a famous woman... I'm being neglected by my partnerMy partner works a very demanding job and sex is off limits for me Monday through to Friday because... Bisexual husbandI have been married a little over 10 years. My husband told me back in April he was bisexual but he... ThreesomesMy wife and I have been married for 28 years and still enjoy really great sex. However, I am... I don't feel like sex anymoreI have been with my partner for almost five years and have two daughters. Since giving birth to our... I haven't had an orgasmMy boyfriend and I have been having sex for the past few months and I still haven't had an orgasm.... Long-distance relationshipMy partner and I have been together for 12 months, and in that time we spent close to seven months... My boyfriend won't stop touching meI live with my boyfriend of five years who is constantly touching my private areas — not to... My husband is watching porn secretlyOur marriage has survived infidelity in the past and we have three children. My husband secretly... Why is our sex life declining?I have been with my wife for seven years. In the beginning of our relationship the sex was great... Will my husband leave me for his ex?Just recently my husband and I had our eighth-year wedding anniversary. I took the day off work so... Younger partnerI have recently met a guy who is 10 years younger than me — I'm 28, he is 18. He was good... Don't have a sex lifeI'm a 28 year old man who has been with my 27-year-old de-facto partner for three years now. The... Low libidoI've been with my boyfriend for nearly two years and I'm so attracted to him, but I have no libido... Not sure if they're the oneI have been with a girl for a number of years. I know I love her but the other day I was sitting... Stuck in a rutMy husband and I are still very much in love but we have two small boys and both work full time.... Wanting more than just sexI have been seeing this guy now for around 18 months but our relationship has been based just on... Doubts about getting marriedI'm getting married in two months and for the first time I'm starting to have some doubts. I know I...
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