Star fake tansWhen it comes to looking sun-kissed, we all have different ideas of what looks good. While some like it pale and interesting, others prefer a deep St Tropez tan.
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Clean sweep With everyday skincare, rules apply, writes Kate Lovelace. Cult beauty clubWhat exactly makes a beauty product iconic? It doesn't have to be decades old — it could have... Chipped toothWhen I was eight, the corner of a front tooth was chipped due to a 'soft spot'. I always have to... Chin reductionI have a very prominent chin and it is also asymmetrical in that it is not horizontal, rather it... Crown replacementAt the age of 59 I have all of my teeth crowned. As most of them are 15-20 years old I am starting... Clitoris reduction surgeryI was born with a condition called CAH that means I was born with ambiguous genitals. I have since... Common questions about plastic surgeryWhat is the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery?
Clean sweepRun your finger along the paintwork of a car and see just how much dirt you pick up. It’s...
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