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Alison Johnson: naturopath

Alison Johnson is a respected naturopath of over 22 years. She has qualifications in herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and iridology. Visit her Sydney clinics for a personal appointment.


Apple cider vinegarI am an O blood type and therefore have high acidity in my stomach already and I'm wondering if it is okay to still take apple cider vinegar?
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Image: ThinkstockAre there natural things to help with bloating?I am a 54-year-old female and for the last six months I've been off work for a protruded disc C6/7.... Apple cider vinegarI am an O blood type and therefore have high acidity in my stomach already and I'm wondering if it... Arthritic conditionI recently suffered a stroke and, combined with an arthritic condition in my right hip, am I having... Anxiety and depressionI have an anxiety disorder and get panic attacks as well. All conventional medicine is not working... AutismDear Alison, I've recently been trying to get some info on natural products that might help my... AcneI'm 18 years old and have had acne ever since I started going through puberty. I have been a... Anxiety attacksCan you please give me more information on anxiety attacks and how they are triggered?
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Alternative therapy for chronic constipationI'm a 22-year-old female who as suffered from chronic constipation for the past two years. I... Acute period pains and bloatingSince my last period, during which I had acute period pains, I have had severe bloating and a sharp... AllergiesI suffer quite badly from allergies, right throughout the year. I sneeze constantly, my eyes, ears... Abdominal bloating/painI was reading your comment about IBS, however, I don't have the diarrhoea; mainly the constipation.... AlcoholismI am an alcoholic who is finally coming to terms with it. I haven't had a drink for three weeks (an... Apple Cider VinegarWhat are the benefits of taking apple cider vinegar in a glass of water every morning before... Acne TipsI remember hearing from someone that reducing or eliminating dairy products from a diet assists in...

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