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Alison Johnson: naturopath

Alison Johnson is a respected naturopath of over 22 years. She has qualifications in herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and iridology. Visit her Sydney clinics for a personal appointment.


Apple cider vinegarI am an O blood type and therefore have high acidity in my stomach already and I'm wondering if it is okay to still take apple cider vinegar?
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Brain fogI have had chronic fatigue syndrome for 15 years. My worst problem is brain fog. Is there anything... Back painMy 18-year-old son has been in pain for 12 months now after it was found he had a stress fracture... Breast increaseSaw Palmetto is referred for use to increase the bust. What is your opinion? Bad foot odourI only ever wear leather shoes — wherever possible I make sure even the linings are leather. I... Body odourI have this problem with body odour which has been going on for about 20 years. I have been to... Baby eczemaMy five-month-old baby boy has started teething — he is miserable, with dribbling causing an... Brittle fingernailsMy fingernails are very brittle, weak and they keep splitting which causes them to eventually... Bad PMTEvery time I get PMT (two weeks before and during) I get in a really bad mood. Can you help me,... Bad body odourMy 17-year-old son has very bad body odour, cold clammy hands and bad breath. The obvious solutions... Bad BreathI am 21 years old and I have very bad breath. I clean my teeth twice a day, floss and use... Bad BreathI have had bad breath since I was very young and have had scopes to check out my stomach. Only... Blood glucose levelsI have type-two diabetes mellitis and was wondering if any natural methods were recognised to help...

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