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Dr Jeremy Hunt: plastic surgeon

Dr Jeremy Hunt is a renowned plastic surgeon, appearing on shows such as Nine's Body Work. Having trained in Australia and the United States, he has been continually exposed to the latest advances in plastic surgery ASK ME A QUESTION


Laser blepharoplastyI am considering having lower laser blepharoplasty. Can you please tell me if this procedure is safe and also would I need laser resurfacing after it?
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Collagen v creamsI am starting to notice crow's-feet around my eyes. Can you explain the pros and cons of collagen... Clitoral reconstruction surgeryI'd like to know where, how and if I can get a clitoral reconstruction surgery. I am originally... Contour threadsWhat is involved in having contour threads put in and can they be removed if you are not happy with... Correcting inverted nipplesI am a 20 year old female and have inverted nipples. I am very self-conscious and would like to... Crow's feet and fine lines around eyesShort of having Botox, laser surgery or dermal filler, is there any operation that can correct... Chemical peelI had severe acne when I was young which left me with large areas of skin (on my face and neck)... Chicken pox scarsI have a 15-year-old daughter who has approximately 20 chicken pox scars on her face, which causes... Chin liposuctionAll my life I have had a double chin and I have recently lost 15 kilos cause I knew that's what I... Chunky calvesI have really chunky, muscly calves like a man's. They're like upside-down milk bottles and they... Collagen vs silicone for nose jobI'm planning to get a nose job. My mum and my sister had one, theirs is a silicone implant. My... Chin reductionI have a very prominent chin and it is also asymmetrical in that it is not horizontal, rather it... Clitoris reduction surgeryI was born with a condition called CAH that means I was born with ambiguous genitals. I have since...

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