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Dr Angelo Lazaris: cosmetic dentist

Dr Angelo Lazaris is a leading expert in general and cosmetic dentistry. Using the latest state-of-the art technology and techniques, clients are assured of the most advanced treatment available. ASK ME A QUESTION


Teeth whiteningI have extremely sensitive teeth and was wondering if this would be a problem as I want to have my teeth whitened.
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Do lingual braces cause a lisp?I'm considering getting lingual braces in May but I'm getting married in September and I'm a little... Dental holidaysI'm a 41-year-old male and I need to have a dental implant (T2) and apparently a bone augmentation... Dental health and pregnancyHi, I am currently pregnant with my first child and am wondering what I should be doing with regard... Different types of false teethAfter having to go through chemo and radiation, I have noticed my teeth disintegrating quickly. I... Damaged teethI have stained teeth from either too much fluoride or taking antibiotics when I was younger. What... Dentine protectionMy childhood involved much time with illness which has resulted in my now having much degradation...

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