Woman has 11 orgasms a day using orgasmic meditationAn American model and actress claims orgasmic meditation helped her achieve 11 orgasms in one day.
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Steven LeaskDisabled man turns to sex worker to lose virginitySteven Leask first asked his dad if he could see a sex worker when he was 19. Do's and don'ts when you discover an affairRelationship expert Dr. Pam Spurr takes you through how to deal with finding out your man has been... Difficulties with oral sexMy partner keeps asking me to give him oral sex but whenever I try it makes me feel sick. I just... Difficulty climaxingI get so frustrated during sex. I have never had an orgasm no matter how hard my partner and I try.... Difficulty maintaining an erectionIn the last few months I've been losing my erection during sex after about 10 or 15 minutes. At the... Differences in libidoI have three children aged two, five and seven years. I enjoy having sex a couple of nights a week... Difficulty reaching orgasmI am 30 years old and still can't orgasm. I am in a great relationship, but only ever get to a... Madonna, 51 with toy boy Jesus, 23Dating a toy boy takes years offWant to know the youthful secret of women like Demi Moore, Madonna and Kylie Minogue? A toy boy... Did Pete look better next to Kate?Dating an attractive person makes you hotterPairing up with a good-looking partner makes you more alluring to the opposite sex, finds a new US... Don't have a sex lifeI'm a 28 year old man who has been with my 27-year-old de-facto partner for three years now. The... Doubts about getting marriedI'm getting married in two months and for the first time I'm starting to have some doubts. I know I... Dealing with rejectionWhy does rejection hurt so much? Are there some simple ways to manage rejection? Does age difference matter in a relationship?Mind the gap! Does age difference really matter in a relationship?

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