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Miranda's secrets to getting a supermodel bodyIf you want skin that glows and a rock hard body, take a leaf out of Miranda Kerr's book and start downing green smoothies and protein shakes.

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Getty ImagesEating chicken and fish 'reduces liver cancer risk'The health benefits of upping your intake of poultry and fish are many and varied, but a new study... ThinkstockEating instant noodles linked to heart disease, stroke and diabetesForget grabbing a pack of instant noodles when you're on the fly — a study has found that... Getty ImagesEating when stressed makes you gain more weight: studyA new study from Ohio State University suggests that eating a high fat meal when your body is in a... ThinkstockEating salmon every week could halve arthritis riskAdd a serve of oily fish to your weekly diet and you could halve your chance of developing... Image: ThinkstockEnergy drinks no better than coffee: studyCaffeine is the only effective performance-boosting ingredient in energy drinks, according to new... Eating fatty foods 'sprouts' brain cellsNew research by scientists in the US has linked fatty foods with new cell growth in the area of the... Eating red meat increases risk of cancer and heart disease deathA new 28-year study has revealed that eating red meat increases the risk of cancer death by 10... Image: ThinkstockEating citrus fruit may lower stroke riskThere are several studies that have shown that greater consumption of fruits and vegetables has... Eat your way into shape this summerExecutive Head Chef at Trippas White Group, John McFadden, has formulated a seven-day recipe guide... Image: ThinkstockExcess Vitamin D doubles heart condition riskTaking high doses of vitamin D doubles the risk of developing a serious heart complaint, finds a... Excessive use of laxatives to stay thinI have been hanging out with some new friends lately and most of the girls (16-26 years old) are a... Eat carbs and lose weightTODAY nutritionist Joanna McMillan joined the team to discuss how to eat carbs and lose weight. Eat your way to a longer lifeNutritionist Sherry Strong advises how you can add years to your life just by changing your diet Effective workouts under 20 minutesBusy? No problem. Match exercise to the time you can spare and see results – from a flatter tummy... Eating plan: budget consciousHealthy eating can be easy and cost effective if you plan your meals weekly, write a grocery list... Eating out the healthy wayThe average Australian eats four meals away from home each week. With so many of us relying on... Eating plan: omega 3-richA healthy balanced diet with a variety of foods and plenty of water can help maintain your general... Eating plan: destressIn a stressful situation, many of us turn to food for comfort. The problem is, very rarely do we... Eating plan: healthy bonesTo maintain healthy bones make sure you eat plenty of foods high in calcium, consume enough... Eating plan: big event countdown!With a big event fast approaching it only makes sense that the majority of us want to feel our...
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