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Miranda's secrets to getting a supermodel bodyIf you want skin that glows and a rock hard body, take a leaf out of Miranda Kerr's book and start downing green smoothies and protein shakes.

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Getty ImagesFat recognised as 'sixth taste', which explains why low fat foods aren't that appealingFat has been under-rated in terms of taste, according to Australian scientists who say it ticks all... Getty ImagesFight against fat: Teens who share family meals 'less likely to be obese adults'Sitting down for a family meal a few times a week halves a teenager's likelihood of becoming an... ThinkstockFaeces from slim people could help treat obesityTransplanting faecal bacteria from slim people to the overweight could be a useful anti-obesity... ThinkstockFemale brains more vulnerable to eating disorders: studyWomen could be biologically more susceptible to eating disorders than men, according to a Michigan... Fat-regulating 'master protein' identifiedUS scientists have discovered a protein that prevents the body burning fat, which could be the key... Image: ThinkstockFive foods that could save your lifeThe foods that we often feel guilty about eating can help to save your life. 'What the health! Food... From obese to healthy in 60 daysFrom Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead to celebrity diet consultant - Joe Cross changed his life with juice... Five celebrity diets to avoid this yearThe long-anticipated list of the five worst celebrity diets that we should avoid in the New Year... Five life changes that make you fatNew research says that getting married can make you pile on the kilos, but it's not the only life... Forget what you've heard: Potatoes are a superfoodPotatoes have gotten a bad rap over the years, but new research from the US has revealed that you... Foods to help with weight gainI'm 17 years old and 170cm tall. I weigh 48kg. I am underweight and would like to gain weight.... Food colouring may cause health risksA food colouring that makes some foods so appealing to children may also be endangering their health Fast food outlets to display kilojoulesFast food giants will soon have to display how many kilojoules are in their meals, as part of a... Food mythsNutritionist Susie Burrell joins Kerri-Anne to help find the truth in many common food myths. Fresh air fitnessNot a gym person? No problem. There are plenty of other fun, fitness-boosting options. Here are... Fitness fad flopsWe see quick weight-loss ads everywhere, but do abdominal busters and cellulite creams really work? French women's secretsThe French drink wine, eat pastries and foot-long baguettes and do little exercise. So why do they... Work your butt and thighs tying shoes.Fitness, by accidentEvery little bit of movement counts. Read on for 10 quick ways to get physical without even... Freeze your fat off with ZeltiqA new method of removing love handles and jelly bellies has hit Australia. It's called Zeltiq and... Facebook and weight lossCan Facebook help you lose weight? Learn how an online social networking community can inspire your...
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