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Eat your way handsomeWant to look more Adonis than Elephant Man? Being better looking is actually easier than you might think. Just follow our five simple food rules to repair your face.
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ThinkstockFolate improves sperm quality: studyWomen are not the only ones who should consume plenty of folate in the lead-up to pregnancy –... ThinkstockFries linked with prostate cancerEating chips, chicken or doughnuts more than once a week appears to increase a man's chance of... Foods that will melt your gutThere comes a time in every man's life when he realises that he's no longer able to eat whatever he... Fertility facts all men should knowIt's now known that female fertility starts to decline after the age of 35. But how much do we know... Foods every man should eatFrom snacks that will boost your libido to essential ingredients that can prevent prostate cancer,... From best mate to bed mateWhat should you do when a certain female is attractive, witty and intelligent and you have loads in... Five ways men scare women awayYou met in a bar and chatted for hours. You were the perfect gentleman, putting her in a taxi and... Fat groom boom: Australia’s men refusing to shape up for big dayIt’s a familiar scenario. An engagement is announced and within weeks, kilos are being shed left,...

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Body Mass Index (BMI)The BMI is an indirect measure of body composition, based on your height and weight. Find out yours. MEASURE YOUR BMI Burn BarometerHow many kilojoules do you burn? Calorie CounterHow many do you consume? Energy EstimatorJust how much food should you be eating just to make you through each day? Due Date CalculatorFind out when your baby is due.

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