Beach safetyCraig Roberts of Surf Life Saving New South Wales gives us his expert tips to ensure a season of summer fun.
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Image: ThinkstockGoodbye hangover: How to wake up with a clear head after enjoying a tipple this seasonIt's possible to enjoy a tipple during the festive season and wake up with a clear head. Really!... Getty ImagesGas stovetops could be increasing your child's risk of asthma: studyResearchers are recommending parents cooking with a gas stove should ensure proper ventilation is... Getty ImagesGenetic trigger for schizophrenia and alcoholism discoveredPeople who have a rare variant of the GRM3 gene are two to three times more likely to develop... Getty ImagesGive kids more free time to help their brain function: studyForget structured homework and play times for kids – children who have more time to do what they... Image: Good HealthGeorgie Gardner "I believe you are what you eat"News presenter Georgie Gardner talks about how she stays healthy even with those early morning... Image: CatersGirl with Down syndrome learns by copying twin sisterA British girl with Down syndrome is thriving after mimicking her twin sister Nigella's development. Facebook/Arabella ScanlanGreat Dane saves toddler from epileptic fitsThe bond between one little girl with epilepsy and her family pet is about more than just... Grandfather's defence of gay teen goes viralA grandfather's letter to his daughter scolding her for kicking out her gay son has been greeted... Image: Good HealthGiaan Rooney: "I was the 10-year-old kid with the pot belly"Television presenter and former Olympic swimmer Giaan Rooney talks about her ongoing mission to... Katie Hopkins says ginger babies are Ginger babies are 'harder to love'UK reality star Katie Hopkins has caused more outrage after claiming that babies with ginger hair... Good versus bad cholesterolUnderstanding cholesterol is not necessarily simple, but given that the CSIRO estimates that about... Germ bustersFrom make-up bars to gadget stores, Professor Peter Collignon, director of the Infectious Diseases... Image: ThinkstockGrief is not an illnessShould grief be classified as a mental illness? Editors from The Lancet, a highly regarded... Gian Rooney: 'I didn't know how good life could be'Newly married Giaan Rooney talks to Kate Minogue about finding happiness and her health after... Getting a diagnosisI have done a lot of research for 2+ years through medical books/journals, the DSM IV etc and I... And the only equipment you need is this!Get fit in your lounge roomThere's a new breed of games that promises to get the whole family up and off the couch and fit in... Getting to know your fatsSaturated fat in the food you eat makes your blood cholesterol level go up. While saturated fat is... Grow your own produceYou don't need a lot of time, space or know-how to start growing your own organic produce, writes... Grow your own medicineWhen you're looking for a healing treatment, look no further than your own backyard. Guilt-free indulgencesThose guilty pleasures are not as naughty as you think, Aimee Leabon finds.
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