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A former Australian triathlon champion, Dean is the Founder of, an award-winning online fitness website. ASK ME A QUESTION


Getting your hips and tummy back after childrenI have been getting back into shape after 14 years and three children. Why is it so hard to shake the tummy and hip areas? Is there a specific type of exercise to target just that area?
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Hot or cold shower after exercise?I was wondering, should I take a cold or warm shower or bath after a work-out? I'm confused because... How to use a rowing machine?How good are rowing machines for exercise and weight loss? Could you suggest an exercise routine I... How effective are gym classes for weight loss?I'm trying to lose weight and have been doing Les Mills classes at my gym (mostly because I need to... Home gym equipmentI am starting up a home gym in my spare room as I am having trouble losing my baby weight — my... Health farmsI am interested in knowing more about health farms. Do they actually work for individual people,... Holiday fitnessI am going on holiday to Canada for about six weeks and don't want to fall behind in my fitness... How much exercise is too much?Hi, I was wondering if you could give me an idea of a balanced exercise program that is normal. I... HIV and weight trainingI have been body building with weights as a hobby for the past 5 years now and have recently... How long to develop a six pack?Is it possible to develop a six-pack in about three months? How often should I do sit-ups, and how... HRT and exerciseI need to lose weight around my middle section. I walk 20-25 minutes each morning as I work and...

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