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Miranda's secrets to getting a supermodel bodyIf you want skin that glows and a rock hard body, take a leaf out of Miranda Kerr's book and start downing green smoothies and protein shakes.

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ThinkstockLess than two percent of Aussie women eat enough vegiesDo you eat five serves of vegetables a day? Probably not, according to a new University of... ThinkstockLifestyle changes trump every diet: expertsWhen it comes to losing weight, there are endless strategies to adopt. Should you cut your carbs,... Image: ThinkstockLap band more effective for long-term weight loss than dieting: Australian expertGastric band surgery is the safest and most effective way to reverse obesity, according to new... Image: ThinkstockLook and feel fabulous this springThe mercury is rising and spring is finally here! There is no doubt many of us are suddenly a... Eating omega-3 rich foods can help you lose weightLose fat by eating fat!A diet high in omega-3s is a great way to help maintain a lean, healthy physique year round, health... Low-fat pub grub guidePies and fries are no longer the only thing on the menu at most pubs, which means you've got a... Beach tips: emphasise your good points.Look your best at the beachThe beach... does the thought make you drift off in relaxed anticipation or prompt self-conscious... Love your bodyStop making your body the target of a self-perpetuated smear campaign. A good self image makes you... Mikey Robins left, after lap-band surgey and right, back in 2000Lap band surgery: what you need to knowLap-band surgery is increasing in popularity and has been shown to prevent diseases such as... Liver Cleansing DietIf you answer yes to several of the following questions, chances are your liver needs some help. We literally ate our way around the globe, with Italian Monday, Thai Tuesday and Chinese Wednesday.Leading the way to weight lossQuestioned if she was pregnant, Kath lost 20kg with Weight Watchers Online. Low-alcohol wineThe advent of low-alcohol wine varieties poses the question: Why is it we drink it in the first... Love handles with benefitsChristmas is a time for festivities, fun and of course, fine food. Parties are a breeding ground... Lemon DetoxYou've heard about it on the radio and seen it on TV. Instinct tells you a lemon detox is probably... Love DietFeasting goes feminine…
We're used to hearing about diet crazes that force us away from our fave...
Low-GI diet: Q & AWith so many diets to choose from, knowing which one to go for is more challenging than... Lose weight at workSitting on your backside all day, being constantly distracted by the array of biscuits in the... Layered chocolate mousse with coffee cream and strawberriesCombine the ricotta and coffee. Lack of calciumI'm 18 years old and while growing up I haven't really had much calcium intake. I'm afraid this... Lentil rice salad with tzatzikiLentils are an excellent source of protein, dietary fibre and B vitamins. By combining lentils and...
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