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Getty ImagesLlama antibodies could fight HIVLlamas, those quirky South American animals that seem to be a cross between a giraffe and a horse,... Getty ImagesLearn a language to make your brain work fasterLearning a second language won't just impress your mates and make travelling easier — it can... Getty ImagesLooking at sexy pics of women makes men more selfish: studySingapore and Hong Kong researchers found that men who are shown pictures of sexy women feel less... ThinkstockLucky country: City kids 'more likely to suffer food allergies than country kids'Inner city children are more likely to suffer food allergies than those who live in rural areas,... ThinkstockLoud noises change the way our brains process speechYou might want to think twice before cranking your headphones too loud — US neuroscientists... Getty ImagesLack of sleep creates false memoriesNext time you're arguing black and blue with someone who is assuring you you're wrong, consider how... ThinkstockLosing a baby could increase your risk of heart disease: studyWomen with a history of stillbirth have a higher risk of heart disease in older age than others,... ThinkstockLosing sleep kills brain cellsNot getting enough sleep could cause up to 25 percent of certain brain cells to die, according to... ThinkstockLove hormone could treat anorexia: studyOxytocin, the "cuddle" hormone that helps mothers and couples bond, could be used in a nasal spray... ThinkstockLaser tattoo removal on the riseUp to a quarter of young Australians have a tattoo, but according to tattoo removalists, demand to... ThinkstockLung transplant breakthrough makes thousands more available each yearResearchers in the US have made a significant breakthrough that could see tens of thousands more... ThinkstockListen to music to boost your heart health: studyYou don't need to get up and exercise to improve your heart health, according to Serbian... Getty ImagesLink between induced birth and autism: studyA study has found that mothers whose labour is induced or augmented have a greater risk of having... Lululemon 'shuns plus-size shoppers'Fitness-wear manufacturer Lululemon has defended its marketng strategy after former employees said... ThinkstockLate nights and lax bedtimes lower kids' school performanceChildren who go to bed late or at different times each night, score lower on reading, maths and... ThinkstockLight drinking in pregnancy won't harm baby: studyChildren of mums who enjoy the odd tipple during pregnancy don't appear to face development or... ThinkstockLung cancer women's biggest cancer killerYears of smoking is catching up with European women, with lung cancer set to take over from breast... ThinkstockLung cancer among women to quadruple by 2040: studyLung cancer rates will rise 35 times faster in women than in men in the next 30 years, according to... Lose belly fat to improve sleepLosing fat around your waist could give you a better night's sleep, according to US research. Image: ThinkstockLight weights build more muscle than heavy onesLads, it may be time to clear out those rusty cast-iron dumbbells from under your bed. Researchers...
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