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Miranda's secrets to getting a supermodel bodyIf you want skin that glows and a rock hard body, take a leaf out of Miranda Kerr's book and start downing green smoothies and protein shakes.

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RedditMan shocks family with 60kg weight lossA US man who shed 60kg gave his family one huge surprise when he arrived home for the holidays... GettyMiddle-class kids most likely to be obese, but not in AustraliaChildren from families on a middle-level income are more likely to be obese than rich or poor... GettyMiranda's secrets to getting a supermodel bodyIf you want skin that glows and a rock hard body, take a leaf out of Miranda Kerr's book and start... Milk makes you smarterIt's not just school children who can benefit from a tall, cold glass of milk. New research has... The shot that shocked Bob MewseMan sees tummy on Street View, loses 45kgA morbidly obese man lost a third of his body weight after catching a side-on profile of his... Created by Justin NorthMarinated New Zealand hapuka, spanner crab, cucumber and spring herbsJustin North's marinated New Zealand hapuka, spanner crab, cucumber and spring herbs My bikini was my inspirationMother of six Mychelle Carruthers lived 120km from her closest Weight Watchers meeting. Juggling... Go Bron!!Meet the Slimmer of the Year!Tasmanian paramedic Bron Robertson has overcome all odds to be crowned the 2009 Weight Watchers... Middle Eastern lamb wrapped in cabbageMiddle Eastern lamb in cabbage leavesFrom Healthy Eating for IBS by Sophie Braimbridge and Erica Jankovich RRP $29.99,... Manage your weight this winterInstead of giving up your exercise regime and healthy eating plan this winter, aim to maintain it... Meet the Slimmer of the Year 2008Busy mum Raeleen lost 28.2kg with Weight Watchers Online and won the Online Category as the Online... Milk or no milk?I just love drinking milk. I have been doing so for the past 30 years. Although started with full... Mineral water or tap water?As a stone former (kidney stones that is), is it wise to drink mineral water with low sodium levels... Meat versus a vegetarian dietWhether our diet should contain meat, veggies or a bit of both has always been a hot topic. But if... Mediterranean bean salad A tasty family recipe that is packed with folate, easy to make and perfect as either a main meal... Make your diet cancer protectiveWhen it comes to cancer risk, did you know that enjoying good food and a healthy lifestyle can... Mighty mineralsWhen nutrition experts talk of healthy diets, they say the key is a balance of essential vitamins... Manganese magicThink of manganese, if you've even heard of it, and you think of the periodic table that you... Macrobiotic dietThe original macrobiotic diet was invented by a Japanese man, and it had incremental steps in it,... Make the change to a lower GI dietHow does eating low GI food help you? Low GI foods may help you: Macrobiotic dietWhat is a macrobiotic diet? Metabolism kick startI have recently turned 50 and have noticed over the past few years that I am having trouble keeping...
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Body Mass Index (BMI)The BMI is an indirect measure of body composition, based on your height and weight. Find out yours. MEASURE YOUR BMI Burn BarometerHow many kilojoules do you burn? Calorie CounterHow many do you consume? Energy EstimatorJust how much food should you be eating just to make you through each day? Due Date CalculatorFind out when your baby is due.

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