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Miranda's secrets to getting a supermodel bodyIf you want skin that glows and a rock hard body, take a leaf out of Miranda Kerr's book and start downing green smoothies and protein shakes.

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ThinkstockOverweight kids think they're slimMost children and teens who are overweight actually think they're a healthy size, according to US... ThinkstockObese people have lazy genesThere is little doubt among obesity researchers that genes are responsible for up to 90 percent of... ThinkstockOverweight teens suffer from anorexia tooOverweight and obese children and teenagers who lose weight are at significant risk of developing... Getty ImagesObese Aussies in denial about healthOne in six obese Australian adults believe their health is excellent or very good, according to a... Image: Getty ImagesObese people have higher risk of car crash death: studyThe heavier you are, the more likely you are to die in a car crash, according to a new US study... Image: ThinkstockObesity three times more deadly than malnutritionEating too much is now putting a bigger burden on global health systems than malnutrition,... Image: ThinkstockOne soft drink a day increases prostate cancer riskMen who drink a can of soft drink a day could be increasing their risk of aggressive prostate... Image: ThinkstockObesity gene linked with happinessA gene associated with obesity also appears to reduce a person's risk of depression by eight... Overeating ages the brainWe all know the effects of overeating on our body (especially at this time of year!) but new... Image: ThinkstockObesity stigmas are part of the problemA recent study has shown that the stigma that obese people endure from family and strangers are... One in four teens overweightA alarming new study has revealed one in four Australian teenagers are overweight or obese and... Obese man gains weight for surgeryAn obese UK man is trying to gain more weight so he can qualify for weight loss surgery. Overweight childrenObesity specialist Matt Sabin advises on how parents should approach their children when they are... Olive leaf extract helps fight fatCan Olive leaf extract help you lose weight? Olive leaf extractWe're in the sniffle season and friends have suggested I try olive leaf extract to boost my... Oprah: Jennifer Hudson is "skinny-fied"A slim and healthy Jennifer Hudson stepped on to the stage to celebrate 10 years of O, The Oprah... Omega-3: The good oilA few years ago, if you asked someone what omega-3 was, they'd probably have guessed it was the... Organic mushroom energy drinkWho: Kirsten Dunst, Halle Berry and Meg Ryan Oprah's new diet blogBarely a day goes by without good old Oprah getting a mention in the headlines for her charitable... Our bodies were made to moveTake a good look at yourself and how you go about your daily functions. The way our body is able to...
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Body Mass Index (BMI)The BMI is an indirect measure of body composition, based on your height and weight. Find out yours. MEASURE YOUR BMI Burn BarometerHow many kilojoules do you burn? Calorie CounterHow many do you consume? Energy EstimatorJust how much food should you be eating just to make you through each day? Due Date CalculatorFind out when your baby is due.

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