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Woman has 11 orgasms a day using orgasmic meditationAn American model and actress claims orgasmic meditation helped her achieve 11 orgasms in one day.
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Courtesy: TLCProstate cancer could be caused by an STI: researchersProstate cancer may be caused by a subtle infection passed on during intercourse, according to... ThinkstockPorn addiction doesn't exist: psychologistPornography addiction is one of the latest conditions to be treated at rehabilitation centres, but... ThinkstockPeople who have sex four times a week have higher salaries: studyForget putting in long hours and schmoozing with your superiors to increase your earning potential... (Photo: Thinkstock)Porn damaging one in three relationshipsOur failed relationships could come down to increased porn consumption according to experts. And... Prostate massage — what exactly is it?I've heard some things about the benefits of prostate massage and would like to try it to help... Penis sizeI have a four-inch penis and I just wanted to know if this is normal and if I can have a normal sex... Parents are teen's sexual role modelsA new Canadian study has found that teens look to their parents, rather than their friends for... People with sexual anxiety more likely to cheatMen and women are more likely to cheat on their partners if they are worried about their... Pill shown to have blood clot riskThousands of Australian women start their day with a tiny tablet but new research has found two of... Painful sex after an infectionI recently had an infection in my vagina that caused sex to be painful. The infection was diagnosed... Poor relationships could cause male sexual dysfunctionSexual dysfunction affects one in three men at some stage in their lives, with US studies finding... Partner is reluctant to touch meMy partner and I have been together 10 years. We enjoy sex regularly, but it has always been very... Premature ejaculationI'm a young guy and have had a few sexual partners, but I seem to have the same problem with them... Penis envy distorts condom purchasesMen report ill-fitting condoms often split and break during intercourse and can reduce sexual... Programmed to cheatAccording to biologists, having multiple sexual partners is normal — in fact, nature prefers... Profile posted on an adult meeting placeI recently discovered my partner had posted a profile on an adult meeting place online. When... Phone messaging flirtMy partner won't stop flirting with other women on his text messaging service. I see this as a form...

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