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Miranda's secrets to getting a supermodel bodyIf you want skin that glows and a rock hard body, take a leaf out of Miranda Kerr's book and start downing green smoothies and protein shakes.

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Getty ImagesSugary drinks 'could cause memory problems for teens'Year 12 students vying for good results in their upcoming exams might want to lay off the cordial... ThinkstockSiblings influence children's weight more than parents: studyChildren who have overweight brothers or sisters are at greater risk of childhood obesity than... ThinkstockStudy reveals why diets failDieters eat the same amount of calories as non-dieters, but feel more guilty, according to a new... Image: TwitterStars flaunt junk food favouritesSupermodel Heidi Klum might have squeezed into a gold mini-dress at the American Music Awards, but... Study identifies the hidden weight culpritWhile we've been so concerned about our intake of sugary soft drinks, another culprit in the... Image: ThinkstockSeven life-changing foodsThroughout your lifetime you will probably encounter many life-changing events and make-or-break... Starting solidsI have a five-and-a-half month old son who I feel is ready for solids. I started my first child on... Social people burn more fatIf you ever feel guilty about having too much of a social life, or spending too many hours doing... Should you detox?Detox programs come and go like new diets. Here are some pros and cons for the health conscious. San Francisco bans Happy MealsIn a bid to curb childhood obesity, San Francisco's has become the first major US city to forbid... Snacking for on-the-goSnacks can make or break a health routine, nutritionist Joanna McMillan Price gives her tips on the... Sugar cravingsI am 23 years of age and live a very active/healthy life. I have very high sugar cravings and it... Seven-day nutrient-dense dietThis seven-day nutrient-dense eating plan will ensure you're getting adequate amounts of vitamins... Spiced fish tagineSpiced fish tagine with cumin, coriander and cayenne pepperFrom Fish Tales by Tom Kime and Bart Van Olphen RRP $45, published by Kyle Cathie and... Spice-and-sesame-crusted tunaSpice-and-sesame-crusted tuna with wok-fried asparagus and courgettes and
warm asian vinaigrette
From Fish Tales by Tom Kime and Bart Van Olphen RRP $45, published by Kyle Cathie and...
Soba noodle broth with chickenSoba noodle broth with chickenFrom Healthy Eating for IBS by Sophie Braimbridge and Erica Jankovich RRP $29.99,... Seven habits of slim peopleThey seem to eat more than you, yet you're overweight and they effortlessly fit into size 8 jeans.... Skin-perfecting chocolateChocolate may be one of life's little treats but it's had a bum rap over the years. It is a no-no... Salt or sugar: which is worse?Are salt and sugar harmless blips in otherwise healthy diets? Not necessarily, say health... Swedish meatballsSwedish meatballs
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