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GettySleep-tracking apps can hurt your slumber, experts cautionTrouble sleeping? There's an app for that. But sleep experts warn that smartphone apps tailored to... Image: ColumbiaSorry, Beyonce, looks like you can’t be ‘drunk in love’: Aussie researchers discover the sobering effect of the 'love hormone'According to Beyonce, you can be crazy, dangerously or drunk in love, but Aussie scientists say the... SuppliedSelfies may save lives: Australian students develop a new way to detect anaemiaAn award-winning invention from students at Melbourne's Monash University may help to detect... Getty ImagesSlip, slop, slap? Sunscreen could be causing fertility issuesMen who hope to become fathers soon may want to cover up or sit in the shade rather than slather... Getty ImagesSurvey says teen girls stressing over cyber bullying — and the economyThe state of the economy is not just a bother for bankers &mdashl; teenage girls seem to be... Getty ImagesStress and the sexes: How men and women freak out differentlyAnyone who has witnessed their partner stress out will attest to the fact that men and women seem... Getty ImagesSmashed schoolies: A fifth of Schoolies blowing 0.08 on breath-testsWith HSC exams starting today, local experts are warning teenagers about the dangers of getting... Getty ImagesStrap an ice pack to your fat to blitz itApplying an ice pack for 30 minutes to fatty areas of the body could help you lose weight,... Getty ImagesSniff sniff: Poor sense of smell could be a predictor of early deathOlder people's sense of smell could be a predictor of their odds of living a long life, according... ThinkstockScent of attraction: We're attracted to the smell of people with the same political beliefsIt's not surprising that left-wingers are often attracted to lefties and right-wingers go for other... ThinkstockSmoking weed linked with reduced domestic violenceIn news that probably comes as no surprise to most, a US study has found married couples who smoke... Getty ImagesSo long, jet lag: scientists identify gene responsible for disrupted sleepScientists have identified a master gene responsible for regulating the body's sleep cycles that... ThinkstockSunlight crucial for warding off dementiaPeople with vitamin D deficiency are twice as likely to develop dementia according to UK... Getty ImagesScientists develop equation to 'predict momentary happiness'There's no longer a need to waste time on the pursuit of happiness — scientists in the UK have... Getty ImagesSimple blood test 'could predict suicide risk'Chemical alteration of a single human gene caused when the brain is under extreme stress has... ThinkstockScientists working on brain implant to restore lost memoryThe US government is putting up to $40 million towards the development of a brain implant that will... Getty ImagesSchizophrenia 'boosts desire for cannabis'Genes responsible for an increased risk of developing schizophrenia could also increase the... ThinkstockStress bad for the heart: studyScientists have long known that stressed people are at higher risk of heart attacks and strokes,... Getty ImagesStudy finds no link between full moon and disrupted sleepDespite persistent folklore, a new study disproves the theory that human sleep cycles are disrupted... ThinkstockSewage could tell authorities how many people are taking drugsPolice could one day analyse sewage levels to track illicit drug use in communities.
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