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ThinkstockScientists believe autism begins in the wombFor the first time, scientists have found evidence of autism developing long before birth in a... Courtesy Fox NewsSchool bans nine-year-old who shaved her head to support friend with cancerWhen Kamryn Renfro's friend Delaney Clements lost her hair from chemotherapy, Kamryn decided to... ThinkstockSydney doctor using poo transplants to cure 'incurable' diseasesPeople with diseases like Crohn's and colitis are being treated with transplants of healthy... Getty ImagesShort people have lower IQs: studyThere is bad news for short people today with Scottish researchers finding short people tend to... ThinkstockSurprise, surprise: cyber trolls are sadistsInternet trolls who start arguments and make inflammatory remarks to provoke responses online have,... ThinkstockSaliva test could show depressionClinical depression has always been difficult to measure because of the variety of symptoms, but UK... ThinkstockShivering may be as good as exercise: Australian studyThe latest tactic in the fight against obesity and diabetes could be putting people in cold rooms... Stem cells could be used to cure baldingDoctors may soon be able to reverse balding using stem cells to kick start dying follicles or... ThinkstockScientists can now reverse ageingIn a Benjamin Button-like scientific discovery, Australian and US researchers have created a... Courtesy: Warner BrosSherlock Holmes probably has autismSherlock Holmes's attention to detail, focus and lack of understanding of social cues could make... Getty ImagesSurprising health benefits of some of our worst habitsSmoking, drinking, being sedentary might be known as the world's most unhealthy habits, but do they... ThinkstockSleep 'cleans' the brainIt's no wonder we feel refreshed after a good night's sleep — scientists have discovered that our... ThinkstockStart Botox young for best results: expertIf you're keen to look young for longer, it's worth starting Botox before you get wrinkles,... ThinkstockScientists discover way to block bad memoriesUS scientists believe they have discovered a way to erase dangerous memories in mice, and think... ThinkstockSame genes behind eating disorders and alcoholism: studyWhile we know genes can determine a person's likelihood of suffering an alcohol problem or eating... ThinkstockSingle men only wash their sheets four times a yearIn news that is hardly surprising, a UK survey has found most single men only change their sheets... University of HawaiiScientists create glowing rabbits using gene therapyScientists researching genetic therapies that could hold they key to curing debilitating diseases... ThinkstockShould women get paid leave for periods?Women should be given two paid days off per month so they can dedicate themselves to menstruation. ThinkstockStroke victim orgasms to James Bond themeA Canadian man out found what the "o" in 007 stands for, after a stroke left him experiencing... Image: GettyScientists step closer to cat allergy cureScientists hope to create a preventative medicine for cat allergies after uncovering how the...
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