Why the Australian Outback Marathon should be on your bucket listThe first run of its kind here, the Australian Outback Marathon is in its fourth year and brings in just under 300 runners for the 42.2km, 21.1km, 11km and 6km events in some of the most breathtaking surroundings imaginable.
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Stripping the fat for bikini seasonIt's that time of the year again. It's time to put away the heater, your woollen socks and those... Staying motivated during winterStaying motivated during winter can be hard. Cold, wet and windy weather makes it seem almost... Sneaky workout tipsSure, you'd like to lose a few kilos and tone up those wobbly bits, but between work, family,... Summer workoutsFitness expert Libby Babet offers some simple bodyweight workouts, plus a couple of ideas to keep... Six steps to flat absHave you ever wondered how to go from flab to flat abs? Pilates, the exercise loved by toned celebs... Summer guide to getting fit in the waterWith all the amazing coastland in Australia, it makes sense to spend summer in the water while... Stretches for the officeWe’re not designed to stay in the same position for extended periods of time. Sitting at a desk,... Secrets to toning your bodyWhile many of us may want to ‘tone our legs’ or ‘get a six-pack’, the truth is you can’t actually... Video: Swiss Ball workoutsSwiss ball workoutsSwiss balls are one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment available today. Find out how... Sweat baby, sweatIf you're the type of gym-goer that likes to hop on the treadmill but instantly slows the pace down... Smart clothes that monitor your healthResearchers have designed new smart textiles that can monitor your health, detect when you're... Sport for your body typeHave you ever wondered if your chosen exercise is well suited to your body shape? A growing number... Smells like team spiritNo matter what sport(s) you like or what level of fitness you are, joining a club can be a good... Skip for better healthWhen was the last time you picked up a skipping rope and used it to good effect? Ten years ago?... Ski fitnessIt’s that time of the year again – our attention switches from the surf and sand to ski slopes and... Setting your weight loss goalsYour new body begins with setting a goal. Do you know how much weight you need to lose to put you...

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