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A former Australian triathlon champion, Dean is the Founder of, an award-winning online fitness website. ASK ME A QUESTION


Getting your hips and tummy back after childrenI have been getting back into shape after 14 years and three children. Why is it so hard to shake the tummy and hip areas? Is there a specific type of exercise to target just that area?
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Shifting belly fatWhat is the best way to get rid of the abdominal fat that is below the belly button? Shoes for runningI am about to buy a new pair of running shoes as I am training for the City2Surf. Can you recommend... Slow progress in losing weightI have been going to the gym now for eight months now. I weighed 71kg and started going to the gym... Should I eat before or after the gym?I'm confused. Should I eat before or after the gym? Swimming for weight loss and toneI enjoy swimming but want to know if just swimming laps is the best way to lose weight and tone up?... Should I try weight-loss pills?I am a very healthy eater and I regularly exercise. No matter what I seem to do though, I can't... Stationary bike versus treadmillI am thinking of buying some home equipment to utilise all the time I spend in front of the TV, but...

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