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A former Australian triathlon champion, Dean is the Founder of, an award-winning online fitness website. ASK ME A QUESTION


Getting your hips and tummy back after childrenI have been getting back into shape after 14 years and three children. Why is it so hard to shake the tummy and hip areas? Is there a specific type of exercise to target just that area?
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Treadmill workoutsI am 35 years-old and I need to loose 10kg. I started following a weight-loss program. I have... The final frontier: the last seven kilosAfter being diagnosed as a diabetic and with PCOS at 21, I have come down from 84 to 72 kilos in... Training for womenI would like to know which is better for women - more effective and will bring about faster... Twenty-one kilometre half-marathonI am 43 years old, weigh 70kg and am 163m tall. My blood pressure is 110/70 and my resting heart... Tuckshop armsI have lost a considerable amount of weight and now find I have tuckshop arms. I have two kilogram... Teenage eating habitsI'm a 17-year-old female. I have found that as my social life has increased and school is full on,... The weight vests, by Lee CampbellWeight vests are a great training tool no matter what your health and fitness goals may be. Whether... Triathlon trainingIt was suggsted to me that i should look at taking up triathlon since part of my current training... Teaching toddlers to swimI have a six-month-old son and would like to know the best age to send him to swimming lessons and...

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