The benefits of Bikram yogaBikram yoga is a form of hatha yoga. The class consists of a series of 26 postures, which are repeated twice and held for between 30 seconds to a minute.
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Yoga: which style is right for you?Madonna, Meg Ryan and Ricky Martin swear by it, so what can yoga do for your health, and which... Yoga on a moving trainA yoga demo started in the middle of a moving New York subway Yoga protects from depressionPracticing yoga three times a week can help fight off depression as it boosts a chemical in the... Yoga for women: support yourselfIf you're like most women, each day is a juggling act, balancing work, family, friends and... Yoga for weight lossCan yoga help you lose weight? This is a question yoga teachers are asked frequently and the answer... Yoga in the White House?The spotlight of the world may be shining on Barack Obama but when it comes to keeping fit and... Yoga walkingThe health benefits of yoga are well known and its popularity continues to rise. So much so that...

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