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Duncan Peak: yoga expert

Duncan Peak is the founder of Power Living Australia. Formerly an elite paratrooper, competitive athlete and business consultant, Duncan is now recognised as one of Australia's most popular teachers. ASK ME A QUESTION


Painful hamstrings after doing yogaAfter my weekly yoga class I always have sore hamstrings, yet I can do a pump class and feel no pain afterwards. Is overstretching causing this pain?
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Yoga for asthmaCan you recommend a form of yoga to help me manage my asthma? I have tried ashtanga and Bikram but... Yoga for sciaticaI have suffered from sciatica for several years with varying degrees of pain. I normally feel it in... Yoga for tight hips and a sore backI sit at a desk all day and as a result have a sore lower back and tight hips. What yoga exercises... Yoga and digestionI suffer from a lot of abdominal pain, bloating and wind. Are there any specific poses you can... Image: ThinkstockYoga to help with labour and birthI am 20 weeks pregnant with my first child and would like to know which poses I can do at home to... Yogic facial exercisesI have recently had a facelift which is healing really well. I am interested in yoga facial... Yoga after neck injuryI am a keen ashtanga student but recently was "felled" by a disc replacement in my neck. I am left... Yoga and other forms of exerciseWhere is the best place to slot yoga in among my weights and cardio training schedule? Yoga for a toned tumI am a stay-at-home mum and would love to do some yoga poses each day to help rebuild by stomach... Yoga to start the day withAre there any particular stretches or poses for starting the day with? I often wake feeling heavy... Yoga and weight lossI need to lose about 10kg and was wondering if yoga could help me do this. If so, is there a... Yoga during menstruationI have heard different things about continuing yoga practice during menstruation. Is it okay to...

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