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Miranda's secrets to getting a supermodel bodyIf you want skin that glows and a rock hard body, take a leaf out of Miranda Kerr's book and start downing green smoothies and protein shakes.

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Getty ImagesAustralian researchers say taxing soft drinks could improve the nation's healthIf you already think you're paying too much to supersize your soft drink, you may want to look away... Getty ImagesFat recognised as 'sixth taste', which explains why low fat foods aren't that appealingFat has been under-rated in terms of taste, according to Australian scientists who say it ticks all... iStockUK expert says selfies could be fuelling spike in eating disordersWhile selfies are seemingly innocent, if slightly narcissistic and mostly annoying, one expert has... iStock'Imaginary meal' pill could be key in the fight against obesityAn "imaginary meal" pill is the latest weapon developed by scientists to fight obesity. iStockSupersize all you like: Almost one quarter of people may be immune to junk foodScientists have found almost one quarter of people appear to be immune from the negative effects of... Getty ImagesNot even our Palaeolithic ancestors ate the 'Paleo diet', study findsCopying what cavemen ate to shed kilos isn't as easy as it sounds, according to new research that... Getty ImagesWhat to know before you switch to PaleoFood marketers have jumped on the Paleo trend, offering Paleo "packs" aimed at meeting the... Getty ImagesHave a break: Nestlé's next big thing is 'exercise in a bottle'When it comes down to it, everyone wants one thing: a magic formula that replaces exercise and... Getty ImagesBe healthy for two months and the health benefits last a yearHere's some good news for anyone who's in the midst of their last-minute "bikini body" prep – the... Getty ImagesA moment on the lips: Considering long-term impact could curb cravingsTwo new studies have reinforced the notion that the brain can control food consumption, and... Getty ImagesDodgy diet habits could be putting you at risk — even after you've made the changeNew research from Leiden University in the Netherlands has found that the effects of poor dietary... Getty ImagesNo use crying over spilt milk: drinking milk 'doesn't prevent broken bones, doubles risk of early death'Researchers have found drinking 600ml of milk per day actually increased a woman's chance of... Getty ImagesChocolate and a cheeky wine the key to improved memory function in old ageFinally, the medical breakthrough everyone's been waiting for: in two separate studies, chocolate... Getty ImagesHot potato: You can eat spuds and still lose weightWith summer around the corner, many people have started their "summer body diets", which often... Getty ImagesAnother reason to eat more tumeric: curry spice 'helps heal the brain'Curry lovers will be pleased to know that an active compound in turmeric, the yellow spice used in... Getty ImagesFight against fat: Teens who share family meals 'less likely to be obese adults'Sitting down for a family meal a few times a week halves a teenager's likelihood of becoming an... Getty ImagesSugary drinks 'could cause memory problems for teens'Year 12 students vying for good results in their upcoming exams might want to lay off the cordial... Getty ImagesEating chicken and fish 'reduces liver cancer risk'The health benefits of upping your intake of poultry and fish are many and varied, but a new study... Getty ImagesA green apple a day keeps obesity awayWe've all heard the saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but now it seems that not... Getty ImagesWhy olive oil is so good for the heartHealth experts have long been spruiking the benefits of olive oil after large studies found people...
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