How to bloom, not balloonNow you're pregnant you may feel like you can actually eat what you like, without feeling quite so guilty as normal... or maybe not...
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Getty ImagesQuick conception could increase risk of pre-term birth: studyWomen who conceive quickly after giving birth have shorter pregnancies and are at greater risk for... ThinkstockAutism could be caused by higher hormones in the womb: studyExcess male hormones in the womb could be linked with boys developing autism, according to a UK... ThinkstockAussie women putting too much faith in IVFAustralian women are in the dark about their biological clock, according to doctors who warn we... ThinkstockNew app could help detect autismParents and doctors could soon be using an app to analyse children's behaviour and detect autism. ThinkstockWhat pregnant women want (from Google)When we're confused about anything in life, Dr Google is often our first port of call for... GettyEating gluten-free in pregnancy could stop babies getting diabetes: studyIn recent years, scientists have started to think that gluten-free diets could be helpful for... ThinkstockThe extreme lengths one mum took NOT to have the perfect bodyLike many modern women, Adelaide mum of three Taryn Brumfitt has gone to extreme lengths in the bid... ThinkstockPregnant women more likely to be in car accidentsWhether it's from nausea, exhaustion or distraction, new statistics show that women are more likely... ThinkstockMother's diet 'switches off' unborn babies genesWomen don't just need to eat healthy during pregnancy to give their child the best start to life –... ThinkstockOlder mothers more likely to have child with autism: studyWomen who wait to have children are at a greater risk of having a child with autism spectrum... ThinkstockHead measurement for babies could predict autismMeasuring babies' heads and their head-tilting reflex appears to be an accurate predictor of autism... ThinkstockGaining too little pregnancy weight increases your chance of an obese child: studyIt's known that women with high BMIs or those who gain excessive weight gain during pregnancy are... ThinkstockBabies cry at night to stop parents trying for another child: expertBabies cry for a night-time feed to delay their mother's ovulation and prevent another baby that... ThinkstockAntidepressants linked to premature birthsTaking antidepressants during pregnancy could put women at a higher risk of giving birth... ThinkstockScientists believe autism begins in the wombFor the first time, scientists have found evidence of autism developing long before birth in a... ThinkstockNew mums need to lose baby weight within one year: StudyIt's no secret that losing baby weight can be a challenge, but Canadian doctors are recommending... ThinkstockBottle fed babies are just as healthy as breastfed babies – and they're less likely to have asthma: studyWe're used to hearing "breast is best" for giving babies the best chance at a healthy life, but a... ThinkstockParacetamol in pregnancy could cause ADHD: studyPregnant women who take paracetamol may be putting their children at risk of developing attention... Courtesy: woman surfs up until nine monthsWhen it comes to prenatal exercise, most people might do some gentle yoga or swimming, but Sydney's... Beware too many toddler selfiesToddlers are as hooked on selfies as much as everyone else, but psychologists have warned that...
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