How to bloom, not balloonNow you're pregnant you may feel like you can actually eat what you like, without feeling quite so guilty as normal... or maybe not...
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ThinkstockGaining too little pregnancy weight increases your chance of an obese child: studyIt's known that women with high BMIs or those who gain excessive weight gain during pregnancy are... ThinkstockBabies cry at night to stop parents trying for another child: expertBabies cry for a night-time feed to delay their mother's ovulation and prevent another baby that... ThinkstockAntidepressants linked to premature birthsTaking antidepressants during pregnancy could put women at a higher risk of giving birth... ThinkstockNew mums need to lose baby weight within one year: StudyIt's no secret that losing baby weight can be a challenge, but Canadian doctors are recommending... ThinkstockBottle fed babies are just as healthy as breastfed babies – and they're less likely to have asthma: studyWe're used to hearing "breast is best" for giving babies the best chance at a healthy life, but a... ThinkstockParacetamol in pregnancy could cause ADHD: studyPregnant women who take paracetamol may be putting their children at risk of developing attention... Courtesy: woman surfs up until nine monthsWhen it comes to prenatal exercise, most people might do some gentle yoga or swimming, but Sydney's... Thinkstock'Spermbots' next frontier in infertility fightScientists are getting closer to finalising a design for "spermbots" to propel sperm towards eggs,... ThinkstockSmoking in pregnancy increases chances of children being gay: neurobiologistMothers who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have gay and lesbian children, according to a... ThinkstockHow to prevent babies developing allergiesMothers should continue breastfeeding after they introduce solids to their baby's diet, according... You're a better parent than you think, mumRaising a child is hard, and nobody is a harsher judge of a mother's performance than is the mum... ThinkstockDonor breast milk often contaminated with bacteria: studyWomen who turn to online "milk banks" to buy or receive donated milk from mothers with an... Image: Thinkstock'Month-after pill' should be available to women: academicWomen should be able to access an after-sex contraceptive pill that works a month after sex,... Image: ThinkstockVegetarian told she can't have babies eats meat, has tripletsAfter 10 years of trying to get pregnant Laura Dixon was told by doctors she was very unlikely to... ThinkstockHealthy pregnancies can vary by five weeks: studyDoctors have long been aware that pregnancy length can vary dramatically even when a baby is not... How to soothe heartburn when pregnantUnfortunately, heartburn, also commonly known as acid indigestion or reflux, becomes worse during... Viagra could help unborn babies growPregnant women will be given Viagra to see if it helps their babies grow in research being carried... ThinkstockLow cost IVF on the horizonThe cost of IVF could be dramatically cut from thousands of dollars to around $280, according to... Getty ImagesDuchess of Cambridge's early delivery planAs Kate Middleton counts down to her due date on July 11, the palace has put together a plan in... Your guide to staying active during pregnancyExercise can greatly benefit your health and wellbeing, whatever stage of life you're at, but while...
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