How to bloom, not balloonNow you're pregnant you may feel like you can actually eat what you like, without feeling quite so guilty as normal... or maybe not...
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Getty ImagesMothers banned from breastfeeding at breastfeeding conferenceYou'd think a conference designed to promote breastfeeding would welcome nursing mothers and their... Getty ImagesDelay cutting umbilical cord by two minutes to give babies a better start to life: studyWaiting a couple of minutes to cut the umbilical cord of a newborn baby could improve their health,... Getty ImagesPregnant women who use plastic products could be harming their unborn babies' IQCertain plastics may join soft cheeses, sushi and booze on the list of items blacklisted for... Getty ImagesConceiving through IVF 10 times harder in your fortiesResearchers from the University of California have found it's 10 times more difficult to become... Getty ImagesExtreme weather blamed for decreased birth rate of baby boysExtreme weather events could be detrimental to male foetuses, altering the ratio of female to male... Getty ImagesTaking paracetamol during pregnancy puts babies at risk of ADHD: studyBabies born to mothers who took paracetamol when they were pregnant appear to have a higher chance... Getty ImagesSpeak to your doctor early if you're planning pregnancy: expertsFertility experts are calling for women considering conceiving a baby to speak to their doctor in... Getty ImagesClosing the gap: research shows indigenous women having fewer stillbirthsThe rate of stillbirths among Indigenous women is declining in Queensland, however they still have... ThinkstockMums who don't breastfeed have double the risk of postnatal depression: studyMothers who want to breastfeed but don't are twice as likely to suffer postnatal depression as... ThinkstockSinging to premature babies calms them down: studyMothers of premature babies who hold them against their bare skin and sing to them have calmer... ThinkstockOlder women 'make better mothers'Women are often being encouraged to start a family as young as possible while their eggs are in... ThinkstockMorning sickness means a healthier and smarter baby: studyThere's an upside to being struck down by nausea and vomiting in pregnancy – it could mean your... ThinkstockBabies can smell mother's fearAnimals release a subtle "fear odour" when they're frightened, which babies can detect on their... ThinkstockHospital calls authorities after woman insists on natural birthA Florida hospital has threatened to report a woman to child services if she insists on having a... Getty ImagesQuick conception could increase risk of pre-term birth: studyWomen who conceive quickly after giving birth have shorter pregnancies and are at greater risk for... ThinkstockAutism could be caused by higher hormones in the womb: studyExcess male hormones in the womb could be linked with boys developing autism, according to a UK... ThinkstockAussie women putting too much faith in IVFAustralian women are in the dark about their biological clock, according to doctors who warn we... ThinkstockNew app could help detect autismParents and doctors could soon be using an app to analyse children's behaviour and detect autism. GettyEating gluten-free in pregnancy could stop babies getting diabetes: studyIn recent years, scientists have started to think that gluten-free diets could be helpful for... ThinkstockThe extreme lengths one mum took NOT to have the perfect bodyLike many modern women, Adelaide mum of three Taryn Brumfitt has gone to extreme lengths in the bid...
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