Woman has 11 orgasms a day using orgasmic meditationAn American model and actress claims orgasmic meditation helped her achieve 11 orgasms in one day.
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ThinkstockDouble deal for chlamydia patients: Doctors to give enough antibiotics for people's partners tooDiscovering you've got chlamydia can be a double dose of bad news — not only is it likely be... ThinkstockSingle parents getting as much sex as other singles: studyYou might assume that single parents are so busy juggling competing demands that sex would fall to... ThinkstockNot just a pretty face? Study shows handsome men may have poorer sperm qualityGood news for guys not considered conventionally attractive – you might have better sperm quality. ThinkstockVirginity pledges cause sex confusion after marriageTeenage boys who pledge not to have sex before marriage not only feel pressure and confusion during... ThinkstockAn apple a day … improves women's sex lives?If you want to improve your experience in the boudoir, you may want to consider snacking on apples... Getty ImagesSperm extractor enables hands-free donationA Chinese hospital has allegedly introduced a machine designed to automatically extract sperm for... Getty ImagesThe 'trophy wife' might be a myth, study findsResearch has found that the "trophy wife" may be an urban legend. ThinkstockMobile phones could damage male fertility: studyMen who want to conceive a child might want to consider not carrying their mobile in their trouser... Image: GettyYou love your spouse because of DNA: studyA US study has found that spousal attraction is more common in couples with similar DNA. Courtesy: TLCProstate cancer could be caused by an STI: researchersProstate cancer may be caused by a subtle infection passed on during intercourse, according to... ThinkstockForget aspirin – have an orgasm to dull painOrgasms have intrigued and perplexed scientists for decades, but recently they've started to... Profiles on the Peppr app. Image: Supplied'Tinder for prostitutes' launched in GermanyAn app that connects sex workers and prospective clients has launched in Germany, providing an... ThinkstockHappiest couples spoon at night: studyThe distance between you and your partner when you're sleeping could provide insights into the... ThinkstockHusband's health more important to happy marriages: studyAs we age, many people's health naturally starts to decline, and researchers now say it could be... Thinkstock'Orgasm machine' delivers climax with push of a buttonSexual dysfunction is a serious problem for many women, and now US scientists believe they have... 'Rent-a-rebound' provides validation and peace of mind for insecure losersA UK company has come to the aid of insecure, recently single people with more disposable income... ThinkstockScientists find 'love spot' in the brainThe parts of the brain responsible for love and lust are very different, according to US... ThinkstockPorn addiction doesn't exist: psychologistPornography addiction is one of the latest conditions to be treated at rehabilitation centres, but... ThinkstockFemale Viagra launchedA herbal pill that manufacturers claim boosts libido and increases arousal in women has been... ThinkstockHow likely is death during sex?From popes to politicians, there are plenty of stories of famous people dying during sex. But when...
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