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Herbal tea v waterMy question is whether herbal tea constitutes part of my eight glasses of water per day?
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Milk or no milk?I just love drinking milk. I have been doing so for the past 30 years. Although started with full... Sugar cravingsI am a 21-year old female who is reasonable fit and healthy (BMI 19). The problem is I get really... Mineral water or tap water?As a stone former (kidney stones that is), is it wise to drink mineral water with low sodium levels... High iron levelsI've recently been told by my GP that I have high iron, and that it may be from a good diet. When I... Post-surgery dietI'm a 19-year-old girl who had an operation on my jaw three weeks ago. I have to be on a... Kilojoules versus caloriesWhat is the difference between energy (kilojoules) and calories? I've heard that between 1200 and... Shift work and dietI am a shift worker and I find that my energy levels (and weight) seem to fluctuate daily. I was... Energy drinks for kidsShould a child under 15 years of age be allowed to drink energy drinks? How to put on weightI weigh approximately 72kg and I'm about 175cm tall. I consider myself to be too thin and would... Constantly tiredI get enough sleep, but am constantly tired. The moment I wake up I could literally go back to bed.... Chronic fatigue syndromeI have been suffering from chronic fatigue for about two years and it has been getting worse. Every... Herbal tea vs waterI drink a lot of herbal tea — wild, sweet, orange and caffeine-free, with a little honey. It's... Wheat-free dietI have had smelly wind for quite a while. A naturopath recommended a wheat-free diet. Would this... BloatingI'm a fit, healthy female in my early 20s with an excessive bloating problem. It's embarrassing as... Teenage vegetarianMy 14-year-old daughter has just decided that she wants to be a vegetarian and is very adamant that... How can I put on weight?I would like to know how to put on weight. I can eat and eat but don't seem to gain any weight. I... Lack of calciumI'm 18 years old and while growing up I haven't really had much calcium intake. I'm afraid this... Lactose reaction and dairy alternativesI have a recently discovered I have a reaction to lactose. Can you tell me any no-lactose... Am I drinking too much water?Recently I have been drinking a lot of water. I seem to be getting through 10-12 glasses per day.... Better complexionWhat are the best foods to eat to have better skin tone or complexion? Some say more soybeans,...
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