Curves are spicy

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baby Spice proud of her shape

The size zero dream may still be starving the starlets in Hollywood, but being competitively thin is not everyone's game. Thankfully, there are some women in the public eye less concerned with calories than with living life to the full.

Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, says not only does she like having a womanly figure, but she prefers it to being thin. According to the bubbly blonde, she has a healthy attitude to food but reassuringly, like everyone else, has her weaknesses. Hers? Chinese food and crisps.

In an interview with British magazine Red, Bunton stated, "I like being curvy. I don't think I'd look good thin. I could never be one of those people who think about their figure 24/7."

And given the pop star's recent entry into motherhood, spending time with her son is her top priority.

With increasing pressure on famous women (incidentally, fuelled by one another) to spring back into shape after birth, it has become the norm for celeb mums to spend the early days of motherhood with a personal trainer.

Baby Spice was touring with her family in tow only two months after having her son Beau. Like most new mothers, Baby Spice did feel self-conscious about her weight gain but quickly came to the conclusion that it's okay and that life was to be enjoyed, not trivialised with too much thought about the odd kilo.

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