Fibre vs whole grain

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Fibre vs whole grain: facts to chew on

Why is fibre important for managing your weight?

Simply put, people who eat a diet that is high in fibre are more likely to be successful in controlling their weight than those who don’t. When it comes to looking after your body, fibre plays many roles, including helping to control your weight. It’s suggested that foods containing fibre take longer to chew, absorb fluid, contain fewer
calories and can actually help to reduce the likelihood of increasing your weight.

Five-Year Fibre Study
A study conducted in the United States found that those who ate more fibre over a five-year period were more likely to be successful in controlling their weight, compared to those who ate less fibre.

Fibre Vs Whole Grain
Whilst whole grains contain fibre, don’t mistake ‘whole grain’ for ‘high in fibre’ or you may be missing out on some of the important benefits of fibre. Not all foods made with whole grain ingredients are very high or even high in fibre. There are many foods that don’t contain whole grains that are more concentrated in fibre including cereals enriched with bran or other fibres.

Fibre Comparison
Whole grain wheat contains approximately 11% fibre. Wheat bran contains approximately 44% fibre.

Remember, whole grains and fibre are both important components of a healthy diet, and nutritionists encourage us to increase our intakes of both. What’s important is realising that foods that contain whole grains are not necessarily high in fibre.

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