Man sees tummy on Street View, loses 45kg

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
The shot that shocked Bob Mewse
A morbidly obese man lost a third of his body weight after catching a side-on profile of his stomach on Google Street View, the UK's Daily Mail reported.

Bob Mewse, 56, from Bristol in the UK, weighed 135kg when he was snapped standing on a street corner in November last year.

He said the shot "horrified" him into changing his lifestyle and shedding the extra weight.

"I was massive. My belly was sticking out and I looked huge," he said.

"I'd been thinking about losing weight for some time but after seeing that picture, I knew that I actually had to do something about it.

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"I was in such bad condition that I was unable to walk and talk at the same time. My blood pressure was sky-high and I was getting back problems due to the excess weight I was carrying around."

Mewse was inspired to join the gym, cut out fatty take-away foods and add healthier alternatives to his diet, such as salads, fruits, vegetables and protein-rich foods.

A personal trainer also designed a personalised exercise program for Mewse, which he did three times a week.

Mewse lost a whopping 45kg on his new diet and exercise regime, and is now a much healthier 91kg.

"If I can do this, anybody can — I'm just an ordinary bloke. I feel much healthier now," Mewse said.

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