Road test: Gourmet weight loss program

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
Dietlicious' chicken and date tagine
Miranda Kerr's personal yoga instructor Charlotte Dodson is an advocate, and so is Health & Wellbeing after trying Dietlicious, the gourmet diet program for two weeks.

If weight-loss conjures up uninspiring images of limp salads, boring cereals and meal-replacement shakes, then you obviously haven't heard about Sydney's Dietlicious, by Gourmet Dinner Service. The program offers calorie-controlled, home-delivered meals that are high-protein, low-fat, low-carb and high-fibre.

"Your gourmet meals are specially prepared by our expert chefs using quality ingredients and preservative-free ingredients. They are cooked to perfection then flash-frozen, locking in all the freshness and nutritional goodness," states the Dietlicious website.

"You could expect a weight loss of up to three kilos per week," Dietlicious claims adding: "It will vary from person to person and also depends on how much exercise you do to assist your weight loss."

The kilojoule plan ranges from 5500kJ and 6000kJ and costs $29.25 a day for three meals and a snack.

The verdict:
"I'll admit it. I don't cook — ever (always a sticking point with my ex-boyfriends!). I eat take-away most days and have never watched an episode of MasterChef," says Health & Wellbeing producer Holly Enriquez.

"But my takeaway habits are doing me no good. The portions I consume are man-sized and I know hidden fats and sugar are lurking within. So when the chance to try out a home-delivery weight-loss program that promised delicious, no-fuss food that would aid weight loss, I was all over it.

"My Dietlicious box arrived on the Monday to begin the next day. Into the bin went the wilting vegetables and two-week old milk and into the freezer went my week's food. And gourmet it certainly was — slow-cooked beef burgundy, Tasmanian salmon with teriyaki sauce, san choy bow and organic fruit bread with jam were some of the meals I had to look forward to.

"I found the two-week program really easy to follow. You take your meals out of the freezer the night before and defrost, then heat them in the microwave the next day, voila! Some things did require cooking in a fry-pan, such as the teriyaki salmon, but it was super quick.

"And I must say, I really enjoyed the meals on the diet. We've all subjected ourselves to a deprivation diet in the bid to get bikini ready and doing a diet like Dietlicious makes you realise that you don't need to deprive yourself! I was eating three decent-sized meals a day and a small snack and I wasn't left craving any sweet thing I could get my hands on, and like other diets I have tried, I didn't cave in come 3pm. The food was delicious and diverse and resembled a home-cooked (obviously cooked by someone other than me) meal.

"The only reservations with this program is that you have to tote your food around with you wherever you go, which isn't such a big deal but hard if you're heading out after work, which I quite often do. But I got into the habit of sneakily scoffing my dinner at my desk and telling girlfriends, 'I couldn't possibly have any fries, I had a massive lunch'.

"After two weeks I'd lost 1kg on the scales but I noticed that my jeans were looser (love that feeling) and my tummy looked smaller. Eating healthier had also inspired me to attend the gym more frequently and I'd also done a few weights sessions during the two-week period, so suspect that I had gained a bit of muscle as well.

"I'd recommend the program for time-poor dieters who don't want to scrimp on taste."

Dietlicious is Sydney based, but orders can be taken from Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Southern Highlands, Central Coast, Wollongong, and Newcastle. For more information, visit

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