'How I lost 42kg'

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Jessica before and today
Jessica Clarke, 25 year-old, student and mother lost 42.6 kilos with Weight Watchers Online.

Where It Started
"I lost about 13 kilos after the birth of my son, but then became pregnant with my daughter. Although I didn't put on much weight during my second pregnancy, I still ended up weighing more than 100 kilos.

I knew I wanted to join Weight Watchers Online after she was born. A photo taken of myself, my partner and my newborn son urged me to do something — the person in that photo was not 'me'!

Weight Loss Also Impacted The People Around Me
My weight loss has made my relationship with my partner better than ever. He always loved me and was attracted to me, no matter what my size, but my increased confidence has made our lives so much more enjoyable and fun. I'm now able to run around with my kids and enjoy it. My son and I even ran home from kinder the other day!

Motivation Kept Me Going!
I found that it was very important for me to set small goals, and for those goals to coincide with events in my life, such as birthdays and parties. It worked. Even if I didn't make it to a small goal in time, I always got extremely close. I had a major goal, of course, but with over 40kg to lose, it seemed so daunting.

I can run without going red in the face and feeling like I'm going to pass out. I can go out dancing with my friends without worrying about what I look like. Getting dressed and choosing what to wear every day is a lot easier because I'm pleased with what I see. I've learnt to love and appreciate my body, because it's the only one I'll ever have.

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