Guys who lost it — Matthew

Monday, May 24, 2010
Guys who lost it — Matthew (Photo: Getty Images)
Matthew lost 34.3 kilos
Before and after: Matthew lost 34.3kg (Photo: Weight Watchers)
Before and after: Matthew lost 34.3kg
"...I told him it was a photo of me from three years ago and his jaw dropped! No more elastic waisted pants!"

Matt used to wear 3XL shirts and elastic waisted pants from the 'big man's section' to hide his gut. Now he can walk into any clothes store and walk out in regular sizes looking great!

Name: Matthew
Age: 31
Height: 1.82 m
Was: 118.6 kg
Lost: 34.3 kg
Weight: 84.3 kg

Growing up - and out
Ever since I hit puberty I began to pack on weight. I didn't understand the "healthy food pyramid" and had a serious food problem: I hated fruit and vegetables! My parents gave up trying to force feed me healthy food so I lived on meat, pasta, bread and lots of sugar.

Weighing it up
When I started a new job, I decided to get life insurance. Because of my weight (130kg) I required a medical examination. The Doctor had to run around looking for a set of scales I couldn't max out. I was only 23 at the time.

One step at a time
A friend wanted to join Weight Watchers but wanted someone to go with her. I went along too and started to change my eating and exercise habits with every week. At first, I remember almost gagging trying to eat a carrot! Now I enjoy making healthy meals from Weight Watchers cookbooks and look forward to dining out and making healthy choices.

Moving more
Back at school I was part of the school newspaper to get me out of sport. Now I can't go a day without it! First I started walking at night, then riding a bike which I hadn't done for 10 years! Now I also swim in my lunch break and do martial arts. Before I lost weight I was sweating all the time which made me dread summer time in Brisbane. I'd be out of breath walking outside, so I'd fix the situation with some air conditioning, a can of coke and some chocolate. Now I only sweat when I exercise, not by just walking to lunch!

Mistaken identity
A new guy started at work and was going though photos over the years from various events. He saw one of me at Wet and Wild (my before photo) and said to me, "Damn! Who is the fat guy?". When I told him it was me from three years ago, his jaw dropped and he was looking back at me and the photo in disbelief. At my new job, co-workers don't know the old me so they just think I'm the fit health nut who loves to cook!

Inspiring others
It's taken a long time to accept that losing weight has made me a different person. I don't avoid mirrors and I don't ignore compliments. My friend I joined with, my girlfriend and mum have also reached their goal weights, too! I look forward to my future from a happy, healthy and fit perspective. I can achieve anything and look and feel great while I do!

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