Rodney shed almost 50cm off his waist

Monday, November 22, 2010
Rodney shed almost 50cm off his waist (Photo: Getty Images)
Rodney before he lost 75 kilos (Photo: Weight Watchers)
Rodney before he lost 75 kilos
Rodney has his pride back (Photo: Weight Watchers)
Rodney has his pride back
"My greatest achievement is that my wife can be proud of who her husband is."

After being overweight for 20 years, Rodney decided to put a stop to his beer and takeaway-loving bad habits!

Name: Rodney
Age: 38
Height: 1.9 m
Was: 159.6 kg
Lost: 75 kg
Weight: 84.6 kg

Rodney's challenge
Overweight for the past 20 years, and considered obese for the last 10 years, I felt lazy and unmotivated. I was embarrassed to meet people and ashamed of how unhealthy I had become. Too much drinking, junk food and unhealthy snacking, and not enough exercise, meant I had ballooned to a 7XL shirt and 127cm pants.

The turning point
I remember going to a restaurant with my family where I noticed I was getting lower and lower. I couldn't believe it when I saw the legs of the chair had bent while I was sitting on it! I didn't want to be coming up to 40 years old and be overweight which could pose health problems like diabetes and high cholesterol. I was already suffering from a reflux condition, which I was taking medication for. I decided I needed to make changes because I just didn't like myself anymore.

How Weight Watchers worked for Rodney
I actually joined Weight Watchers because I found out a friend was attending Meetings and this gave me the incentive to go too. I felt much more comfortable going with him rather than going in cold by myself but that was just nerves. I didn't expect to meet people who I could confide in and who would become good friends. I am convinced now that attending Meetings, or having some kind of support, is essential if you want to reach your Goal weight. My Leader was a huge inspiration and guided me through a couple of tough weeks. The fact there is up to 30 people there, dealing with the same issues, makes it much easier to overcome the bad times.

Not only has my diet changed dramatically but I have shed almost 50cm off my waist measurement and I am down to a size L shirt. I no longer need reflux medication and my snoring has completely stopped!

Weight Watchers has taught me the importance of taking care of myself. During my journey I had to make some selfish decisions such as putting myself first and taking time away from my family to maintain my regular exercise. It has all been worth it though - I have a lot more energy to spend with my kids now, playing sport outside, and generally I am a happier person. I definitely haven't smiled this much in a long time!

The benefits
My whole family has also benefited from the new healthy eating and exercise habits. My wife has lost 10kg on the Weight Watchers program and my children have learnt how to make healthier food choices.

My greatest achievement is that my wife can be proud of who her husband is and most importantly I've now got my self-belief and pride back.

Rodney's top tips
Stock up on Weight Watchers frozen meals for the nights you can't be bothered to cook. It's great because they are portion controlled and you can always bulk them out with vegetables to make them more filling.

Take your weight loss in small steps and try and not look at how much you have to lose. After finding out at my first Meeting that I had to lose 70kg I focused on the 5kg intervals and 10% stars which kept me going.

If someone is offering their support, then take it! You never know when you might need some encouragement or some guidance to stay on track.

The final word
When I reached my Goal weight my Leader organised for the local newspaper to interview me. It was exciting because not only did I get to tell my story and hopefully inspire others to lose weight, but I was finally proud of myself and I wasn't afraid to let everyone else know it!

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