Al has regained her confidence and self esteem

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Al has regained her confidence and self esteem  (Photo: Getty Images)
Al has regained her confidence and self esteem
Before and after: Al lost 17kg (Photo: Weight Watchers)
Before and after: Al lost 17kg
"It feels great being told that I'm inspirational. I never imagined I'd ever be in a position to inspire anyone to lose weight..."

Al abandoned weight-loss quick fixes for a lasting solution. She signed up to Weight Watchers Online and lost 16kg.

Name: Al
Age: 39
Height: 1.61 m
Was: 79.4 kg
Lost: 17 kg
Weight: 62.4 kg

I was looking at myself in group Christmas photos and was shocked at my enormity! That was the catalyst that put the thought of weight loss into my mind, but it wasn't until April when I was trying on clothes that I admitted to myself how terrible I looked 'squashed' into a size 16.

I’m embarrassed to say I ordered a box of diet pills on late night TV which arrived in the post wrapped in brown paper. I felt very seedy indeed! I then joined a gym for about a minute and a half before realising that my problem was food.

The thought of going to Weight Watchers meetings embarrassed me as I never pictured myself as a ‘bigger’ person; so naturally, I was attracted to the anonymity of online. I’m hopelessly addicted to my computer so it suited me perfectly to jump on the website, use the food tracker and message boards.

My biggest change was cutting out snacking on junk food. Being busy with children, it was so easy to stop at a shop and grab something to eat. My choices were always unhealthy. I have also saved a fortune by NOT doing this anymore! I now eat healthy food and snacks from home.

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Exercise has been a major part of my weight loss journey. I always use the stairs (my 3 year old is devastated as he loves the escalator!). I walk more, run 3 times a week and feel energised. I drink lots of water and find that I no longer get headaches regularly as my body is hydrated.

The best thing about losing weight has been the compliments! Recently I saw an old pal I hadn't seen since losing weight. His reaction – "Hi Al (double take) WOW!". My friends and family are so encouraging and supportive. It feels great being told that I'm inspirational. I never imagined I'd ever be in a position to inspire anyone to lose weight!

It feels so good to have regained my confidence and self esteem. I feel healthy and happy! I’m back wearing red which used to be my favourite colour. Now I'm a proud Online Subscriber and willingly shout to the world about how I lost weight!

Join Weight Watchers online today.

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