Antonia Kidman

Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Antonia Kidman
Antonia Kidman talks about her new TV show, sister Nicole and the charities she supports. By Good Health and Medicine's Shonagh Walker.

My fourth baby is due at the end of March.
We have a girl and two boys, so Angus [Hawley] and I don't mind what we have. I have missed the baby stage as my children are older, but part of me thinks, "Oh, I'm going back to nappies and bottles and all of that."

Exercise has always been a huge part of my life.
Dad would always say, "Come on let's go for a walk", and I would be kicking and screaming. But I'd get 15 minutes into it and feel great. He just persevered and, well, you catch that bug!

Angus exercises too but we tag team.
I like to workout on my own — it's my "me" time. I zone out. It is mood changing and I really push myself. In a typical week I would do yoga three times, go to the gym three times and go for a walk on Sundays. I love that!

I hate dieting, so I don't do it.
I have a very balanced diet. I love food, which is a big reason why I exercise so much! I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and I love salad. I like meat, too. I eat chicken. I probably don't eat as much fish as I should. If I go on holiday, where I am eating out every night, then I'll order fish — I usually lose a bit of weight as a result. I like sweet food and I love chocolate. If anything, that's my downfall.

The whole concept of natural products excites me.
I've just signed to be brand ambassador for skincare company Living Nature. I like the philosophy of the brand — to create a business that was sound in an ecological perspective and to create a product that's natural, with recyclable packaging. There's an entire skin and body care line, and a cosmetics line is due to be launched in March. It's a range using plant minerals.

I feel strongly that I have to reduce the footprint that I leave.
I compost at home; I have a vegie patch. I love that self-sufficiency.

My new show, From Here to Maternity, tracks people from the final stages of their pregnancy through to the birth and the first few months at home.
In terms of my physical presence, I am not hugely involved, because it is more of an observational show. I am involved in producing it, though, which I enjoy. It's been perfect working on this while being pregnant.

I'm fortunate my work fits in around motherhood and family life.
It waxes and wanes. I don't have a huge workload at the moment, but there's enough that I can manage. If it is too little then I get a bit itchy. I need to feed that!

Even though I have a healthy body of work, I never feel as though I have achieved much!
I think one of the things about being Nicole's sister — there are so many wonderful parts to it and I would never say it is a bad thing — is that there is always that comparison. My achievements will never quite be seen as [being as important as] hers. It will never change. It is what it is and you can't change it and you can't dwell on it.

Family means so much to me.
We have a nice time together. It can be like any family; it can be very intense — especially my family as we are very close. We recently went on a family cruise with Angus's family for his father's 80th birthday. That's why I would like to have more children; because they are who you are going to be with, and what is going to interest you, as you get older.

I support the charity for The Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney.
It is where I had all my children. It's also about the care they offer to women, in terms of breast cancer, other cancers and other women's issues.

As for breast cancer …
Well, my mum had it and two of my best friends were diagnosed with it, so raising awareness is close to my heart.

I love Taronga Zoo.
Zoos can get a bit of a bad rap, but the breeding programs are amazing. The conservation aspect is so important.

For the full story, see the January 2007 issue of Good Health and Medicine magazine.

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