Ada Nicodemou

Monday, December 10, 2007
Ada Nicodemou
Actress Ada Nicodemou plays Leah on the Seven Network's Home And Away. Here, she talks to Kate Minogue about her busy year

I've had a great year — a lot has happened. In February, Chris [Xipolipas] and I were married. The wedding was the best day of my life. I know everyone says that about their wedding day, but absolutely nothing went wrong, we planned it so well. It was just so beautiful. I wasn't nervous at all, I was so excited. And I couldn't wait to see Chris at the church. I walked down the aisle and I just looked at him. We got married in a Greek church and had the wedding reception at the Shangri-La ballroom in Sydney.

We had a wonderful five-week honeymoon. We went to New York, Paris, Nice, England (for two days to watch a soccer game), Spain and Thailand because we wanted to finish up in a warm, sunny place. Later in the year we also travelled to Africa with the PixiFoto Foundation, the charity I support, and that was an amazing experience.

Chris and I met at his restaurant — Zippo's. It was Mother's Day 2006, and I was there with my family. My aunty happened to know his family and so he came out later and we started chatting. His restaurant is in Sydney's south. It's one of those places with a family environment where you have big servings and really good flavours. I married very well because I'm a terrible cook but I like my food.

I feel very spoilt — we're going to Vegas for New Year's. Usually, Chris' restaurant would be open and busy at this time of year, but there was a fire in the building and it's closed for renovations. It will reopen but we're making the most of the time now before we both get busy again. We're also going to visit New York, and then we're going to Vail where I'm going to see snow for the first time.

We both really want to have kids. It isn't in the plans right now because we are working very hard at the moment. But I don't want to be an old mum. I'm 30 and Chris is 33. So, definitely in the next few years, I want to start having children.

I really love my job. I work with a great bunch of people. Home And Away is a really good gig — you can practise your craft but it also allows you to have a great lifestyle because it's based in Sydney, my home.

There's a lot of interesting stuff going on for Leah in 2008. In fact, there's a big bombshell coming up for her. She's had a bit of a break from story lines, and because Ada's been busy with the wedding, that worked out perfectly. I can't say much but Leah's life dramatically changes. It's nice to be challenged again. I feel I have actually got a bit lazy in the last year.

I must admit, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I'm not really that good at anything, but I work really hard at things. I love dancing and winning Dancing With The Stars was great. That kind of dancing is so technical and it doesn't come easily. But I worked really hard and put my mind to it. We worked on the dance routines for so many hours — but if you asked me to do a tango now I could never do it.

I do look after myself. I pamper myself. I think it's so nice for the soul to get a manicure or a facial. I always say there are a lot of things that make up Ada. I like to be groomed, I like to exercise and I eat well. I also like to hang out with hubby, friends and the family. When I'm exhausted from work I need to exercise to release it all. I feel exercising is a time for me. I don't think too much, I don't talk to people when I exercise — it's a form of meditation.

There's a whole morning ritual I have. I start with exercise, then the first thing I have is boiled water with freshly squeezed lemon juice; and then I make a juice with carrot, apple, celery, beetroot, parsley, ginger. It's a really good cleanser. Then I will eat something like porridge, or bread with ham and cheese, or an omelette.

I never begrudge myself anything. I have a policy of having no guilt. If Ada feels like a doughnut, I will eat one. Maybe it will be just half a doughnut, and afterwards I'll go back to healthy eating. But I have no guilt because I reckon if you do, your body holds onto that and we are not all perfect, and we should just listen to our bodies.

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