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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Jess Alba
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Do you want natural-looking eyebrows? Here's how you can groom them into shape.

This season, eyebrows are thicker, darker and more natural. Eyebrow expert Sharon-Lee Hamilton, who has styled the arches of Princess Mary, describes them as "a beautifully arched, thicker brow that's very polished".

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An initial visit to an expert will determine the right shape for you. "It's then easy to maintain the line of the brow yourself by plucking the regrowth weekly," Hamilton says. Pluck short hairs only (which is the regrowth), and never over-pluck. If brows are light, have a professional tint, invest in a brow pencil to fill in gaps and a gel to set it in place.

Tools of the trade

The Rubis Classic Slant Tweezer, $66.50, is perfect for precision plucking.

Benefit's Instant Brow Eyebrow Pencil, $38, fills in gaps as it softly defines the brow.

ID Bare Escentuals' Brow Finishing Gel, $27, sweeps over brows to set your groomed arch.

Thierry Mugler's Latex Eyebrow Palette, $80, contains two powders for custom colour blending and a latex wax to shape the brows and leave a polished finish.

Quick fix for cowlicks

Got an unruly cowlick? Hair-stylist Anthony Nader shows you how to tame it.

1. Apply a medium-hold mousse to damp hair, like Rusk Designer Collection Mousse, $22.95.

2. Work the cowlick around a small round brush, rolling in the direction you want it to sit. Dry with a hair dryer, directly aiming the nozzle on the brush to shape the look. Try Brushworx Aruba Small Radial Brush, 18.95.

3. Hit the cool button and continue to roll the hair around the brush. Add a spritz of hair spray, like Rusk Designer Collection Weightloss, $22.95.

Is it true that I shouldn't go outside with wet hair in winter?
Wet hair can actually freeze in very low temperatures, making it vulnerable to breaking or splitting. Always ensure you blow-dry hair thoroughly before stepping outside. For extra protection, work through a leave-in conditioner before heat styling. Try Andrew Collinge Heat Defence Heat Tamer Conditioning Spray, $12.99.

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