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Tuesday, November 13, 2012
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Kylie Gillies, co-host of The Morning Show, talks to Kate Minogue about finding a healthy balance as a busy working mother.

I’m fairly relaxed about health.
I think it must be my country upbringing – I grew up in Tamworth, in northern NSW. I’m an all-things-in-moderation kind of girl. I guess that’s my philosophy. It means I don’t run marathons but it also means I don’t eat unhealthy food. Growing up, Mum was really good at meat and three veg and as a treat we’d have Chinese food. I’m pretty much the same now. I like the basics. I don’t do things in excess – I don’t eat in excess, I don’t drink in excess and I don’t exercise in excess.

When I was doing Dancing with the Stars three years ago I was very fit, but since then life has got in the way.
I had a trainer for a while but I had to cancel too often and I would end up feeling stressed by that. Now I have a window of two hours between finishing work and picking up the kids from school and I want to make the most of that, so I recently joined a gym near work, right across the road. Now there are no excuses. I’ve done a couple of months of Pilates with the Reformer beds and so far so good. I enjoy the core workout – that’s where I need it – and I like the way you can tailor the spring resistance on the Reformer beds to your level of fitness.

When it comes to food, I’m definitely a savoury girl.
I love meat – that’s the country girl in me. But I start the day with two Weet-Bix. It’s boring, I know, but they are the multigrain ones with slightly more taste. It used to be muesli but then everyone started freaking out about sugar and I’d rather give up the sugar in my cereal than my coffee. I eat my breakfast while I’m in hair and make-up at work. Then I’ll have a coffee at 8am and another coffee on the set at 10am. Lunch is almost always sushi from the food court near Channel Seven, unless I skip lunch and end up pigging out on crackers with the kids at 3.30pm after school. Dinner is usually meat and a salad, but in winter I love putting everything in my slow cooker. I also love seafood but don’t seem to cook it that much.

For the full story, see the December issue of Good Health.

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