Sonia Kruger: "I don't work hard to stay in shape"

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Friday, December 7, 2012
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Channel Nine presenter Sonia Kruger talks with Kate Minogue about staying healthy when life gets busy.

Walks on the beach

"When I was working on Big Brother I tended to get up early and go for a walk on the beach. That way I felt like I had been outside and done something physical. It also clears your head being near nature. I’m usually awake by about six and out the door by seven. "


"But usually, when I’m in Sydney, I walk the dog each day. Also, I still really enjoy the Zumba classes at the Sydney Dance Company. They are great for a cardiovascular workout.

"You just sweat and laugh – both things we need to do more of. Ideally I’d like to be doing about three of these classes a week. You go through the short-term muscular pain to get the long-term benefits."

Getting older

"It’s a misconception that I exercise a lot to stay in shape. I don’t work hard at all. Some of my friends do train hard, but I really don’t. I think I’ve been lucky. I did all the hard work years ago as a dancer and I have a bit of muscle memory, but I have noticed changes over the last five years – I have to do more to stay in shape.

"You start to lose muscle tone, and you get the feeling that you are fatter in some areas and thinner in some areas at the same time. Working out helps to keep all that in check – it stops you ageing too quickly. It’s simple, we need to exercise more and eat less bad stuff and we’d all be a lot healthier."

Taking breaks

"Over December and January I’ll be off on a holiday. Craig (McPherson, Sonia’s TV producer partner) and I are planning to head to the States. We’ll spend some time in LA because we have friends there, and some time in New York, which is just fun because there are so many parts of the city to explore, and we’ll try to have some beach time maybe in Mexico. From New York you can fly down there and it’s not far or expensive."

For the full story, see the January issue of Good Health.

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