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Friday, February 8, 2013
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Aussie model Jennifer Hawkins talks with Kate Minogue about health and her plans for the future.

Eat well to look well

"For me it starts from the inside out. When I eat healthy food, hydrate, take my vitamins, get loads of sleep and eat an abundance of vegetables, I feel super healthy and strong – both mentally and physically."

Mix up your exercise

"I exercise to feel internally happy, and energised.

"I enjoy exercising most days, but not all! It’s a lifestyle to me. Being active is very important – I feel happy, vibrant and sane when I exercise.

"I see a trainer twice a week to do a mixture of Pilates, barre work and resistance training. I really enjoy it. I like an athletic looking body so I go hard when it comes to toning muscle.

I also like to do an hour of cardio five days a week. If I’m travelling I make sure I’m staying somewhere that has a gym."

Avoid processed food and carbs

"Having a healthy diet is very important to me. Our bodies are made up of tiny cells. Each cell is damaged every time you eat processed food or drink, and when you feel stressed.

"I cut back on processed carbs where I can – I feel better off them altogether."

Don’t be too strict

"You can repair your body by taking vitamins, eating healthy superfoods, getting loads of sleep and not stressing about the little things! I’m all for eating healthily but I also enjoy living life and indulging in a few vices occasionally.

"I enjoy a pinot with dinner or a peppermint tea with chocolate afterwards. I love Turkish Delight, and I also love having popcorn at the movies."

Be consistent

"My beauty routine is pretty low-maintenance, but I’m vigilant with what I do. Less is more with make-up.

More is more with hydration, though – I have two litres of water, minimum, a day.

"I find lymphatic drainage is great for my immune system and to detoxify my body. I also really enjoy a full body massage. When I travel I often get an in-room massage!"

For the full story, see the March issue of Good Health.

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