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Paul Morgan: mental health advisor

Paul Morgan is Deputy Director of SANE Australia, the mental health charity. He is a leading expert in promoting understanding of mental illness in the community. ASK ME A QUESTION


Obsession with foodAll I think about is food; day in, day out. I plan in my head what I'm going to eat next. I need advice...
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"How can I improve my memory?"I tend to get everything that has been taught and able to answer everything but after that 45 mins... "I'm 30 and have never had a boyfriend"Hi, I'm 30 and have never had a boyfriend. "Is my daughter a compulsive liar?"My Ex husband was/is a compulsive liar, who often would lie for no reason. Our 14 year old daughter... Panic attacksI believe I've been experiencing the symptoms of a panic attack. I would greatly appreciate your... Sadness or depression?I am feeling very teary and could cry at anything. I have been diagnosed with depression years ago... Insecure daughterMy 23-year-old daughter is a beautiful vibrant person but I fear she is also suffering depression. Bipolar disorderCan people recover fully from this illness? I have been medicated and been hospitalised over... Getting a diagnosisI have done a lot of research for 2+ years through medical books/journals, the DSM IV etc and I... Positive thinkingLately I have been feeling quite negative, I can't see the good in things or feel happy about... Difficult employee and how to handle itHi Paul, I manage a small team and one particular employee I think must have some mental issues.... I feel so aloneHello, I am writing because I feel so helpless. I have felt depressed for months and I don't really... Borderline personality disorderI am 19 and have been having trouble with my coping skills lately. I have suffered from depression... Depressed sisterMy 24-year-old sister has suffered depression for more than 10 years and has been medicated most of... Depressed daughterMy daughter has suffered from PMS and depression for more than 20 years and gets very bad mood... Depression and griefI do have suicidal thoughts but have no real intention to take my own life. However, when I am... How can I stop my past affecting my life?I am 44 and was raped by my cousin when I was seven. I attract violent relationships and carry with... Husband with depressionMy husband has been depressed for around two years since the death of a very close friend. He knows... Help for bulimiaI am a 26-year-old single mum and I have been bulimic on and off for around eight years. It has... Help to deal with an anxiety disorder and panic attacksI have struggled with anxiety for about 12 months, after suffering a series of panic attacks this... Borderline personality disorder and alcoholismI have a sister suffering from borderline personality disorder and alcoholism (dual diagnosis). I...
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