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The workout that gave Kim that butt


The cover of Paper magazine's winter issue very nearly fulfilled its promise to "break the internet" with Kim Kardashian's ultra-shapely derriere. But what does it actually take to get and keep curves like that?

How to improve your posture from your desk


We already know that sitting at your desk for extended periods can wreak as much havoc on your health as smoking or a dodgy diet, but it could also be doing damage to the muscles and joints we rely on to get us from A to B.

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Five ways to leaner legsPrepare to bare. Here's how to get covetable calves in just two weeks! By Natalia Lubomirski.

Expert Advice

Ultimate guide to a toned behindIf you're finding it hard to shift those extra kilos you're carrying on your backside, then here's your ultimate guide to getting a tight, toned tush!

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What's your BMI?


Body Mass Index (BMI)The BMI is an indirect measure of body composition, based on your height and weight. Find out yours. MEASURE YOUR BMI Burn BarometerHow many kilojoules do you burn? Calorie CounterHow many do you consume? Energy EstimatorJust how much food should you be eating just to make you through each day? Due Date CalculatorFind out when your baby is due.